Thankful for Motivational Reminders

Be the reason someone smiles today sign.
Love reminders that inspire us to help others. This was a sign in the hotel lobby of our hotel in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

**For the month of November each year, I try to focus on something I’m thankful for each day. It is the month that holds Thanksgiving where I live, after all. Focusing on the positive and remembering the little things that make life great are things I should do more often. Last year I found that writing every day during the holiday time got a bit stressful. So this year I’m writing throughout the year and scheduling the posts to go out in November.

2 thoughts on “Thankful for Motivational Reminders

  1. Every day I pinch myself to remind myself how lucky I am! BEST boyfriend, time to write, fantastic adult kids, BLISS! Sigh of contentment…

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