Overcoming Fear

When I was 39 I started snowboarding. While it was all a pretty big challenge for non-coordinated, not-athletically-inclined me, one of the toughest parts for me was the chair lift. I’m not fond of heights, and would get serious heart palpitations even on the bunny slope lift.

Just ask my men.

There is fire tower near our local beach where we went to go for a picnic once when they were young, and I couldn’t handle it. So uncomfortable eating up there, I made everyone traipse down the steps to eat on the ground-level. For the next couple of decades they teased me with the new name —

Mom-freak tower

I really don’t blame them. I know the fear is a bit irrational.

So it’s with great joy that I can officially announce that I overcame the chairlift fear. In fact, the lift ride is one of my favorite parts of snowboarding.

This past summer while in Utah, Lauren and CJ gifted us with Passes for Deer Valley, and I used mine a whole bunch of times for scenic lift rides up and down the mountain, delighting in the fact that the rides were so long.

Now to tackle the tower…

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