Museum Gatherings

Last year I wrote about being thankful for Community as we attended a fundraiser at a local museum. They do this every year — local businesses each decorate a Christmas tree according to the theme of the year. Then they are all put on display at the museum.

I love the Berkshire Museum. It’s small and family-focused. There was a neat exhibit there about women in history. I also enjoyed exploring the human DNA exhibits. The patchwork of humanity.

The Berkshire Museum with Christmas lights.
The local high school kids decorated the museum.

The theme last year was music, and this year was heroes. We were supposed to wear something that depicted our personal hero. I wore earrings made by Chris, since I am very inspired by him.

It was a bit crowded, and a lot of the trees this year were decorated with images of people who were part of the community. I didn’t know them, and it didn’t seem as creative as last year, but it was still super enjoyable.

Christmas music at the museum

The music was particularly enjoyable. As was watching the little ones enjoying the music 🙂

I loved how dressed up some people got (yet I also felt comfortable in my jeans and nice shirt). There was one adorable little boy dressed as a police officer. I didn’t get a pic, though. And there was a tiny girl who made me want my granddaughter with me. Ah well, another time.

Yummy cocktail called Spidey Senses.
The cocktail looked pretty with its rosemary garnish and cranberries.

The time out with Chris was really enjoyable. We sampled yummy food (my favorite was the spinach pastry) and enjoyed a fun holiday drink.

Tree with origami ornaments

The origami ornament tree reminded me of CJ and his paper-folding endeavors in the past.

And I had a lot of fun watching Chris being goofy and enjoying the evening. There was even a Lorax tree (one of his favorite stories).

It was a fun kick-off to the winter season as the slopes opened two days later. I’m already looking forward to next year.

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