A Calm Thought

The other day I went for a walk and listened to a meditation on the Calm app. In a little ten-minute session the narrator was focusing on thoughts and had some advice that has been resonating with me for over a week now. Shen mentioned that our minds were like radio stations that are constantly on. What we don’t realize it that it’s play the same few songs over and over and over and over.

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I thought about it and realize it’s true. For me it’s my kids, extended family relations, faith and work. But the way I approach the topics isn’t necessarily optimal. I gloss over my thoughts regarding each then move on only to come back, rinse and repeat. Not particularly great.

The meditation suggested taking each thought as it came in and address it full-on. Is this a thought I had before? If so have any of the factors changed so I can address situations differently? If yes then what changes should I implement? If no, it’s okay to let it go to deal with tomorrow. Then I move on to other thoughts.

This process lets me know I’m still trying, still shows my concerns and also opens my mind to be free and open for new thoughts. I’ve been doing this for over a week now, and it’s freeing. Especially on the not-so-fun issues that haunt my brain.

As I meet the topics I’m not thrilled about head-on, I take the time to pray, reconsider if there is anything I can do to make things better, then let it go. When I start to think of the worrisome items later, I can do a half-thought, reminding myself that issue was address, then I can go on. It’s a lot less stressful overall.

Give it a try — I’d love to hear how it works (or doesn’t) for you.

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  1. It sounds like this method is very freeing. I’m not sure I’m Anne-alytical enough to do it, but I will try. Thanks for writing about it.

    • Haha. Sounds like your brain is working again 🙂 I’m happy you’re feeling better.

      • It was just this morning that I must have carried the Greek yogurt into the laundry room. No one else put it there, and I have no memory of it! Brain was still stupid! I’m thankful to feel better now, and I could taste lunch for the first time in a week!!! My Epiphany resolution is to not take taste for granted.

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