2020 Starts With Change

While I’ve been mostly silent on the blog for a few weeks, my life has been anything but quiet. During this time, I’m reminded that I am a small piece in the part of a very large play in life, and everything happens for a purpose.

To be honest, this might be a very boring post since it’s a chronology of my month. But I wanted to write it for my own selfish self so I can look back on it all someday and remember.

The year started innocently enough. We celebrated New Years with Mom and some great friends and then went to Massachusetts for some snowboarding and work. On Sunday January 5, we had a lovely relaxing lunch at a local Japanese restaurant to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Next thing I knew — it was today. Three weeks later.

  • Sunday the 5th

    In the evening, after that delicious lunch and some relaxation, Hudi and Mollie called and said they were going to Utah earlier than initially planned. They wanted to see if they could come to our NY home. We were in MA, but told them they could hang out with Mom until we got there after work Wed. if she was okay with that (she was thrilled).

  • Monday the 6th

    Jiminy Peak View

    The kids went to visit Mom while Chris and I had a normal day in MA.

    I even got some snowboarding in and finally figured out how to turn gracefully while turning from heel to toe.

  • Tuesday the 7th

    Star and Chris reunited

    I was supposed to train someone in the afternoon, so my regular support hours had been removed. I worked regularly in the morning doing live chat, tickets and meetings.

    At the last minute, the person I was supposed to train rescheduled to Thursday afternoon. Amazing timing. This allowed me to quickly pack and head to NY with Chris, working on tickets while traveling.

    It was fun reuniting with the kids and dog.

  • Wednesday the 8th

    My normal Flex (weekend) day – Got to spend time with Hudi and Mollie and help them as they planned their trip to Utah.

    Found out Hudi needed to sell his car or junk it. The car wouldn’t be going west with them.

    Had dinner with Mom and the kids at Ponderosa.

  • Thursday the 9th

    The young adults started out for Utah with all their belongings and one dog (Star) packed into their car.

    A few tears were shed on my end, but don’t tell anyone.

    Chris and I went back to MA. I did that training from Tuesday while on the road, and made it to strong Internet in time for live chat.

  • Friday and Sat. the 10th-11th

    Worked normally and tried to catch up on some life stuff in MA. Chris realized we had a friend who might want the car.

    While working, I was in a coffeehouse at Jiminy Peak for a bit. I enjoyed the paw prints on the ceiling.

  • Sunday the 12th

    Drove to NY to take pics of the car. Enjoyed time with Mom. Went to Ponderosa (again) for dinner with Mom.

  • Monday the 13th

    I drove our car to Connecticut while Chris drove Hudi’s car so our friend could look at it.

    While I’m usually scheduled for work at 9am, for some odd reason (God?) I hadn’t been scheduled until 3:30 pm. I knew this was happening and did project work on my flex day off on Sunday then hit the road early Monday.

    As I drove past the Amsterdam exit, I realized I hadn’t visited my grandma in Saratoga Springs since last summer. Made a mental note to do that soon.

    The car sold, we drove to MA where I got to the eye dr to fill out records since we are changing drs, and went to Walmart for medication, catching them right before lunch break. Whew!

    Made it to work before 3:3o and had a great work day until 8:30 in the evening (pretty normal for me).

    During that time, I found out that I was able to switch my sabbatical dates. I originally was going to take April, May and June off, but asked to change to June, July and August. It was approved ๐Ÿ™‚

    That was great news, but I also got bad news. While I was working an email came in letting us know Grandma wasn’t doing well.

  • Tuesday the 14th

    I don’t usually work Mondays and work Tuesdays instead, but this week I had signed up to work Monday instead of Tuesday (another God thing?). We plan our schedules more than two weeks in advance so being able to drive to sell the car and be able to travel this day was really a blessing. I had no idea two weeks prior that my life would go like this.

    On Tuesday Chris and I spent a few hours with Grandma, Linda and Kevin before heading back to the NY house. She slept through the entire visit, but it was good being with Linda and Kevin.

    I have pictures of that visit, but Grandma wasn’t looking too great so I’m not sharing them publicly. I mean — she looked peaceful and pain-free, but you can tell life is waning drastically. If any relatives want the images, please email me.

    Grandma died that night.

  • Wednesday the 15th

    I packed and regrouped my life. I was supposed to go to Panama for a team meetup Thursday, and I was to leave my home at 4am. But there was an ice/snow storm coming so we booked a hotel near the airport (45 minutes away).

  • Thursday the 16th

    I traveled to Panama, and the trip went so smoothly. My layover was in Atlanta, and three of my colleagues met me there at the gate and we traveled the last leg together.

  • Thursday the 16 – Wednesday the 22

    Panama was one of my favorite meetups ever. I will write about it in other posts. It’s the first time I ever went to a meetup and found it more relaxing than my normal reality. This was a stressful month. Lots of great stuff, but stressful.

  • Thursday the 22-Saturday the 24th

    Back in NY — pulling into our snow-covered driveway at 1:15 am. A bit different from 90-degree Panama. One day off then back to work as normal.

    On Friday, after work, we were able to catch the sunset at Southwick. Can you believe that this incredible place is right near me, and I used to walk there daily, but this year I haven’t made it there since around early June? So sad. But happily sad. Life is full of other beauties, too.

  • Sunday the 26

    Chris and I started figuring out sabbatical plans. Thank goodness we didn’t actually book flights because Hudi and Mollie called and shared the exciting news that they are getting married in June.

    If I hadn’t changed my sabbatical plans, I would have had to wrangle work schedules around the wedding, but now I can relax and enjoy.

  • Monday the 27th

    And here I sit, bags packed for a trip to Utah tomorrow where I get to see our six kids, our grandbaby and attend a tech conference as part of my work-week.

    Finally able to blog!!!

I did have time to blog while at my team meetup, and I have fun pictures to share, but it didn’t feel proper to post about the good times when I knew my family was in mourning for Grandma. Even though I know she would have been thrilled that I enjoyed my job and colleagues so much.

The month is wrapping up now, and I think things are going to slow down a bit. For two whole months if all goes as planned. ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is such an adventure…

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  1. Your life is more adventurous than most! I loved reading about all the things you did and the places you went. Surely no one can juggle life better than you! Can’t wait to see you in person!

  2. I love how God works all things for our good when we are trusting Him!

    • Same. One of the pics I have is of Linda holding the phone while you are talking with Grandma. We saw her eyelids fluttering as you talked. I swear she was hearing you.

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