The Beach Playground

We are fortunate here in northern NY. I hear other places such as Novia Scotia have closed their beaches, but our beaches remain open. They are more crowded than usual, but people are doing a great job of keeping the minimum 6-foot distance. We take turns going through narrow passages on bridges and to parking lots, and we give wide berth while passing each other when groups are walking north and others are walking south.

It’s a great escape to get fresh air after house time and to see beautiful vistas and get some exercise. People are ramping up on creativity with natural elements, too.

Making fun structures on the beach.

I wanted to take a picture of that neat structure on my way back from my two-mile walk. Then I saw people building more things. It turned out that this family was making a tic-tac-toe board. So fun!

Using fallen branches to play tic tac toe

The tic-tac-toe reminded me of a Facebook idea I saw shared. This isn’t it, but it’s similar. If you want to expend some energy try driveway tic-tac-toe. You can do it with two people running back-and-forth, or grab a few family members and do a relay. You can use sticks to make the board (or brooms or whatever you want — even sheets) and use shirts or rags or plastic plates or anything you want for playing pieces:

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  1. I liked your upbeat post. It’s marvelous that people are being creative when playing outside. I wonder if people will play a bit more when this current crisis is over.

  2. Good morning and thanks for this little snipet of how our commonality is evolving during this pandemic. Definitely the “social isolation” has created new, rejuvenating bonding with our close family members as we realize that we must face this threat together. And finding common tasks is a major step to avoid mental health issues like depression. Ab big kiss. Ciao.

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