A Tale of Teeth

Avalon is teething

Today my kids shared a picture of Avalon feeding herself “real” un-pureed food. Last time I saw her in person, she was beginning to explore food that didn’t come in a bottle. How is time going so fast?

She now has two teeth almost ready to use. One broke through the gum already, and the other is about to. She is gnawing her toys like a chomping champ πŸ˜‰

One of my favorite stories involves teething. Some of you know my awesome cousin, Lise. She’s the one who visited us in Lisbon a few years ago. Anyway, while Lise is fantastic with children, she always knew she never wanted to be a mom. She can speak a whole bunch of languages, but child babble is not in her repertoire.

One time we were at a family gathering, and another cousin was proudly passing around his infant son to adoring relatives. Lise came over to me and started whispering. While not the exact words, the conversation went a bit like this:

Lise: I don’t know how to act with the parents. Do I pretend to not notice? Do I ask them about it and how they feel?

Me: Notice what?

Lise: The baby was born with no teeth. He’s a few months old, and there’s nothing there! I feel so badly for them all.

You should have seen her shocked face when I informed her that it’s quite rare for babies to actually be born with teeth, and this was completely normal.

I still laugh thinking of that moment (and yes, I shared this story with her permission). Thought you might enjoy it, too.

I’ll close this post with some pics of my baby grandgirl showing her teething stage. I grabbed the screenshots as we were Facetiming tonight. As a bonus you get to see her new trick of standing for brief periods of time.

  • Avalon is teething

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  1. Sorry to have confounded the genre of Avalon in my previous commentary. You know that sometimes it is hard to make the difference as many children have long hair in the pictures. Gorgeous girl! Congrats to you and her parents! Ciao.

    • Haha no worries. An easy mistake. Thank you so much. I really love her (and her parents). Wish we lived closer.

  2. I can’t believe how fast Avalon is growing. What a happy well loved baby. Thanks for sharing.

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