Are you Okay?

I’m just asking because I’m telling everyone I’m okay. But I’m not really, terribly okay.

So yeah, in first world things, I’m okay. Embarrassingly okay. But I miss people. Like, live people not on a screen. I miss hugs and real life conversations and direct eye contact.

I picked two fights at work. One with a customer and one in a Slack queue with my colleagues, and I regret both terribly. They are possibly the first two fights I have ever instigated in my life. Wish I could have hasthtagged those. #firstfightbearwithme

Thing is… It’s not just me. I’m watching people fall apart around me. They are making my fall from grace look insignificant (which puts me in my place). But it it’s an interesting time and place to be a human on the planet. How we grow. How we identify. How we understand.

How can we find strength in this? How can we bond? Grow stronger as people? Face our humanity?

I think we are doing it. In interesting ways. Phone calls from people from the past. Facebook memes. Groups that bond for a cause.

This whole thing is a rough regeneration. Have you cleared your browser cache? Did you plug in and reconnect?

Perhaps this is a reboot to a new era. It’s tough, but maybe a refresh for a bold new future.

I know this post seems to be coming from nowhere, but it’s actually based on some phone calls that are really obscure that came from people from our past.

My friends are international, and I see everyone across the world finding strength and falling apart in equal proportions.

I apologize for rambling. This is a mind dump. I’m just thinking and expressing. Not comments necessary. Just using my blog as a venue for expression. No pics, even…

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  1. Huge hugs to you, friend. This is a hard, tumultuous time and everyone is on edge. I can relate so deeply because I’m feeling all these things too. I cannot emphasize enough how excited I am to hopefully reconnect later this year, and spend some time together. Hope things start to look up soon, and please reach out anytime!

    • Things are getting better in my arena. The unsettling part now, I think, are the calls and messages we are getting from others whose worlds are falling apart. How to help? I feel useless sometimes. I can’t wait to see you. That will be so nice!

  2. These strange times are affecting us all at one time or another. I’m sending you a ton of hugs and asking you to return them in person this year. I love you.

    • Haha. Thank you. Can’t wait for the in person hug returns. Love you, too.

  3. Good morning and thanks for this nice article, dear Chrissie. What you call “ramblings” are the spontaneous expressions of your Conscious/Subconscious mind in the middle of this terrible pandemic that obliges all of us to stay distant from each other. Yes, it is very tough and almost unbearable but the alternative is even starker. Sadly this will last up to the end of the year (or whenever a good vaccine against the virus is widely available) The little anger that you inadvertently vented against two individuals is part of the humongous one building up in the street. It happened to almost all of us lately. Just take your time to reflect and steel your will to avoid future mishaps. My son wrote a great sub-section about Aggressive Behavior in the upcoming book. Hopefully I will finish editing the newer version ( with more than fifty pages added to for an “aggiornamento” to reflect our present reality) in a few days. Un baccione. Arrivderci.

  4. Venting is a good thing! I think if I was still working, I’d be the same way. The stress went away when I lost my job 6 weeks ago. Now I’m trying to figure out my next move. I miss the hugs. I miss my grandkids! I did see my youngest daughter on Sunday and got a hug. First one in 2 months. 😊hang in there!

    • Are you okay without your job? What do you do? Do you need to network? I’m a bit envious of the grandbaby connection. Mine is across the country. But she is starting to recognize us on Facetime, which is fun.

      • I’m okay without a job at the moment. I’m a graphic artist that can do customer service as well. I’m really want a writing job. My grandkids are in Tampa which is 3 1/2 hours away. I did get to help my gifted granddaughter with schoolwork the other day over FaceTime. She had to write 3 haiku poems and my daughter just wasn’t cutting it. It was fun! She is 9. Mine might as well be across the country. I haven’t seen them since January.

  5. Hey, you can mind-dump all you want, Chrissie! After all, if you can’t do it on your own blog, where *can* you do it? I too lost my cool earlier, in an email, with someone attempting to do tech support with me… but who was a totally clueless idiot, what can I say! Anyway. Starting fresh from now! Yes! And will ‘see’ you on Zoom at my reading June 6th at 5 pm!!

  6. Sending you a big hug. I know it’s not the same as a real hug but hang in there. This will end at some point and you’ll be able to see people for real again. You’re such a kind and unselfish person, Chrissie. Just remember to be kind to yourself.

    • Thanks for the hug, Rachel. I love that the miles between us haven’t stopped the friendship.

  7. Good morning, dear. I am preparing an article about “anger displacement” right now. Can I mention what you narrated in this article with a limited transcription of words, please? Un baccione.

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