Lazy Days of June

Kisses from Charlie - also mentioned in

Highlights during the past few weeks:

  • The final patch of snow melted June 6, and I got to see the change.
  • Summer activities are going to happen, and I get to see the prep for the June 27th opening of resort activities.
  • My friend Gail visited. We walked and talked and enjoyed being the first people to use the pool since all was shut down in March.
  • In our backyard I have heard owls and coyotes and have seen chipmunks, squirrels, deer and a beautiful young coyote (didn’t get a pic unfortunately, but it was fun).
  • And I got some kisses from the local celebrity dog, Charlie. The best!

We even had a wonderful visit with relatives, Linda and Kevin. Not just relatives–but good friends as well. Kevin has a blog on if you are interested.

A really fun visit with Linda and Kevin.
A really fun visit with Linda and Kevin.

Not a bad way to kick off June, I have to say. Not all is going as planned for sabbatical (actually nothing is going as planned — I’ll post about that on a post coming out tomorrow, but these are the treasured moments I celebrate.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your change of seasons. Most of us wouldn’t write down a date of the last bit of snow. I would never have guessed it could last so long. Hooray for snow!

  2. If I were there, I would be in one of those chairs, with my lovely wife and 2 wonderful friends!!! Miss you both!

    • Masks are still worn when within 6 feet of others. The resort officially opens June 27 wiht limited capacity. At the pool we now have to sign in and out and if we aren’t in the water we have to keep distance. They upped the chlorine in the pool and now check it 6 times a shift instead of two.

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