Snow it Goes

This morning I woke up to thick white snow fairies descending from the skies. So big that I saw them without my glasses, and I have horrible vision! The view was too appealing to stay in bed. A perfect morning to grab a cup of coffee in my snowman mug and look out into the woods. Quite different from my walk a few days ago. I know it won’t stay, but it’s a nice, exciting teaser of what’s soon to come 🙂

10 responses to “Snow it Goes”

  1. How neat! Love your description and the photos. I should look again on the computer and see how you did the photos. They were a little awkward on the phone. Happy snow!!

  2. I don’t think I swiped correctly on the phone.

    John read that we had snow on the highest mountains the other day. We were not close enough to see that.

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