Summer Snow Thoughts

My boys and me at Sundance

Yup. Snow. That’s what I think of on hot summer days where the thermometer pushes 87 degrees F (30.55 C) and threatens to melt my soul. It’s my matter of survival.

One of my favorite snow memories from this past season is the day Sundance closed — the day before Easter Sunday. I was out in Utah (see my fine packing post if you want ๐Ÿ™‚ ). CJ, Zeb, Hudi and I were there for the very last moments of the season. The day was a memory I don’t think I will ever forget.

It’s been YEARS since I got to snowboard with all my boys at one time. Scheduling groups of people is tough, especially when we live on different sides of a continent. But I was out there, and all three boys had the evening off (we invited the girls, but all had other plans) so we hit the slopes.

CJ was feeling nostalgic and wanted to find a place that was as close to the Swain vibe as possible. I’m not sure if you remember Swain, but it’s the place we all learned to snowboard. The home hill where school trips introduced our kids to the magic of the slopes. For a couple of years, all the members in our family worked there, and it will always have a special place in our hearts.

My boys at sunset at Sundance

Sundance was the perfect fit. While the hills there in Utah were a bit larger than in western NY, people were openly friendly, and the mood was chill. We didn’t need the perfect clothes or attitude. We were just joining others having fun.

I had packed my gloves (with wrist guards built in — important to me with my computer-based-job), my boots, snowpants and winter coat. I didn’t need the coat since it was so warm, though. The boys supplied me with a board and helmet. They were all on skis, which was kind of weird, but it’s how it happened.

I’m not certain what my favorite part of the evening was. Perhaps it was our discussions over the best view of the sunset for a picture. That matter was resolved by realizing our images are digital so we could get all the views.

Or maybe it was how the boys each took turns going on the chairlift with me so I got quality conversation time with each one.

Then again, maybe it was the fact that we peeled ourselves off the slopes for a really fun dinner together. Instead of a main course, we all got appetizers and shared, enjoying the variety of foods. Back at Swain, we enjoyed chicken wings weekly. We asked our server if the wings were good, and she said the cook was from Buffalo ๐Ÿ™‚ They were delicious!

Chrissie, Hudi, CJ and Zeb eating dinner at Sundance

We left the table with time for one final run, and it was superb. The first video here is a long one, for those who like to vicariously take runs with me.

I was feeling tired and didn’t even try my Toeside Turns on the steeper part so I also added a shorter video that showed I do still do them sometimes. It also catches the final moments of that beautiful last run.

Words can’t express how much it meant to me as a momma to see my babies all grown up and choosing to enjoy time together on the slopes. What a way to close out a season!

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  1. Is that a Guinness in your hand? Here’s the goods on it if it is. Here on the Eastern Shore we have EVO, brewing the following, one of my favorites. Enjoy the family, winters coming again this year, so I’ve been told. Pack lite, enjoy the flight. All the best, theRooster.

    • Great links! Who knew a Guinness would be so healthy?!?! And I do love a good Portor…

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