Squirrel !

Squirrel posing

If you are a fan of the Pixar movie UP, then you totally get that title.

It seems Chris and I have become adopted as squirrel buddies. We have enjoyed the squirrel antics outside our window for a few years now. But one has decided it likes watching our antics, too.

We usually have our windows open for fresh air, and the squirrel clearly hears us talking. And seems to like us 🙂 There are two rooms with windows, and the squirrel shows up in the morning and between 5 and 6 pm most days. It figures out what room we are in and hangs out on the branches closest to the windows of that room.

Do any of you know what type of tree it’s on?

Here are pics from four different days last week:

For reference — a scene from “UP”

14 responses to “Squirrel !”

  1. We had so many squirrels in our trees in Minnesota! It was fascinating to watch them. I loved watching the mother teach her babies how to jump from tree to tree. It took about three days for them to really “branch out!”

    • Haha. Branch out. I was fortunate enough to see a baby squirrel figure out jumping one time, too. A highlight in my life. It was adorable. Didn’t see a mom teaching, though. That must have been so amazing.

    • I’ll have to research that. I think the trunk is different but that isn’t fair since I didn’t share that.

  2. Hey, that birdNET app is wicked fun. Both Dan and I are playing with it these days. We now know that the Carolina Wren is what sings us awake, the aggressive sound is blue jays, and the mild peep is a broad winged hawk!

    • So fun! I wish there was something for other animals, too. We keep hearing a sound we thought was a bird, but the app isn’t identifying it. Now I’m wondering if it’s a frog…

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