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Larry Boy Greets my Boys

The other day I woke up with a VeggieTales song stuck in my head. Since my kids are 15+, this is not a common event anymore. It was a great way to wake up, though, and reminded me of one of my favorite interviews.

Years ago I interviewed Mike Nawrocki (VeggieTales co-creator and voice of Larry Boy), and he gave my kids a special greeting at the end of the interview. Although they are quite a bit older now, it’s still a family treasure:

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Something Fishy

Relaxing on a cold day with my latest favorite Netflix movie. Now I have two fish tanks 🙂

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The Techie Mama Turns 43

I turned 43 on Saturday (no, I have no problem with my age), and it was one of my top five birthdays ever! Not gonna lie. It was filled with family, love and friends. To begin with, I slept in. Although I never have to set an alarm (thanks to my job and homeschooling), it […]

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Sometimes It's Okay to Just Have Fun

One of our most enjoyable family pastimes is sharing our favorite YouTube clips with each other. Whether it promotes discussion or just a good laugh, the clips always add to family dinner conversation. Here are some of the clips our kids shared with us this week. Just Have Fun With Funky Music Hudi (12) really […]