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One of our most enjoyable family pastimes is sharing our favorite YouTube clips with each other. Whether it promotes discussion or just a good laugh, the clips always add to family dinner conversation. Here are some of the clips our kids shared with us this week.
Just Have Fun With Funky Music
Hudi (12) really enjoyed Techno Jeep from JulianSmith.TV. I can see why. The ingenious young people who filmed this short clip created a song with great rhythm and sound…and they did it all using a Jeep as an instrument. How creative is that?
Find Out How Neat Nature Is
Zeb (14) introduced us to Neature Walk (no, I didn’t spell that wrong). It’s all about how neat nature it, and frankly, it’s just plain goofy. I dare you to watch it without rolling your eyes and chuckling at least once. My favorite part was @1:10. What’s your favorite part?
Getting Serious With Music
CJ (18) shared an incredible piece of music with us entitled Jon Schmidt & Steven Sharp Nelson – Love Story Meets Viva la Vida. Yup, that’s right, Taylor Swift meets Coldplay in this awesome arrangement by Jon Schmidt. It’s totally cool seeing two grown men having so much fun with classical instruments. It gets even better – the true greatness is in the sound of the instruments (piano, cello, and voice). Gotta tell you. We’ll be looking for more talent from this duo in our household!
So what about you? Are there any clips you particularly enjoy sharing with your family? Let me know so we can check it out.

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