Publish Ebooks as a Family

Fact or fiction –  you and /or your kids can make a professional-looking book as easy as pouring yourself a cup of tea.
You know those really cool action shots you took on last summer’s vacation? Turn them into a wild, crazy fictional adventure. Or, if you’d rather, take a nature walk and photograph the plants and animals that amaze you. When you get home, write about what you have seen, adding in a bit of research.
These are tried and true ways to bond as a family, but now you can take your adventures one step further. You can make them into an ebook for the iPad using the uber-affordable Blurb or the free Demibooks Composer app.
Use Blurb to Make and Publish Ebooks
I just read about Blurb on the  ReadWriteWeb blog. You can use this program from any computer , and it doesn’t require any downloads. Simply use the template offered, or choose to design your own. Import your images, write your blurbs, and save the final product.
If you want to purchase the final product in a book form, , you can choose a softcover or hardcover with a dust jacket, or even an ImageWrap cover. My personal favorite feature of this book making process is that it’s a wonderful way to give loved ones a special birthday or Christmas gift.
Use Demibooks Composer to Your Ebook an App
As a professional writer, I have to say I LOVE this idea of the free Demibooks Composer app I discovered on the iLearn Technology blog. How fun would it be to write a book with my bambinos then use our iPad to turn our story into an app that we can share with others?
This app lets you create as you learn all about storyboards and creating effects without every having to learn how to code. It even lets you add audio! I’m going to make it a personal priority to use this one soon. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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