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A Perfect Summer Day

Today surrounding areas celebrated summer by holding town-wide yard sales. This coincided beautifully with a day off of work. We strolled around, iced coffee in hand, and wended our way through generations of people enjoying the beautiful weather and discounted goods. While we only came away with one pair of shorts (for a quarter), I found that […]

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How to Make a GIF

Who would have thought anything with the word “lice” in it could be cool and exciting? But there it is. LICEcap has become one of my favorite tools for fun and for work. The program allows me to make GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) in a heartbeat. I’m a Happiness Engineer for WordPress, and people ask me […]

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Larry Boy Greets my Boys

The other day I woke up with a VeggieTales song stuck in my head. Since my kids are 15+, this is not a common event anymore. It was a great way to wake up, though, and reminded me of one of my favorite interviews.

Years ago I interviewed Mike Nawrocki (VeggieTales co-creator and voice of Larry Boy), and he gave my kids a special greeting at the end of the interview. Although they are quite a bit older now, it’s still a family treasure:

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Something Fishy

Relaxing on a cold day with my latest favorite Netflix movie. Now I have two fish tanks 🙂

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Kinetic Sculpture in an Airport

Science, nature, coding, sculpture and art. I think I could watch this for hours. Maybe someday I’ll get to Singapore’s Changi International Airport to see it live:

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How to Get Faster Service From Cable Providers

I was getting seriously frustrated with our cable service provider until I realized that I could be a bit proactive and get faster Internet service on a budget for our techie family. Look Into Your Modem Situation If your Internet is going slowly, consider how many devices you are asking your modem to handle. You […]

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Free Kindle Books You Can Read (Even if You Don't Own a Kindle)

Winter is coming, my bookshelf’s getting fat…my virtual bookshelf, that is. Ready to cozy in with the kiddos for some great winter reading? You don’t have to worry about risking your life heading to the library during a snowstorm, you can download a book onto your computer or electronic reader using your Kindle. Your computer? […]

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Pay it Forward Using Technology

This morning I benefitted from someone “passing it on.” My friend Peggy was kind enough to take the time to post a link on Facebook. That link led to a blog post from What a Ride! In this post a woman wrote about how she spent an amazing day helping out others. Best of all, she did […]