Our 28th Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday Chris and I celebrated 28 years together. We were sitting in our living room having our morning coffee and reminiscing when we suddenly decided to have an impromptu date. Off to the mall we went for some cologne for Chris and a bit of lunch before work later in the day. (And unbeknownst […]

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Celebrating 26 Years of Married Life

F.I.R. – Flexibility, Initiative and Responsibility. According to the pastor at our wedding 26 years ago today, focusing on these areas would help make a marriage strong. We even got a little tree to remind us, and we bring it out every year. He was pretty right-on. And I still couldn’t ask for a better […]


Thankful for CJ and Lauren

Day 13/30 – One year ago, our eldest son married the perfect woman for him. The marriage gifting us with an amazing daughter (Lauren). They sailed through that first year of marriage in an admirable fashion not because it was easy, but because of their love for each other. What a gift for a parent […]

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24 Years of Marriage With my Man

Right about now, 24 years ago, I was standing in a church (not lounging on a couch next to a cozy Christmas tree) doing the “I do” thing with a most amazing man. What a great move that was! We met while playing pool with friends.  I was 17 and he was 26. He told […]