Celebrating 26 Years of Married Life

Our Wedding on December 28, 1991
The 26-year-old tree from our wedding homily.
The 26-year-old tree from our wedding homily.

F.I.R. – Flexibility, Initiative and Responsibility. According to the pastor at our wedding 26 years ago today, focusing on these areas would help make a marriage strong. We even got a little tree to remind us, and we bring it out every year. He was pretty right-on.

And I still couldn’t ask for a better match. I am truly blessed to have my husband by my side in this life journey.

For our 24th anniversary, I touched on some other points that I have found helpful over the years. They still hold true, in my opinion.

Last year was our big 25th. As I mentioned in a post last April, we had decided to celebrate by taking 25 trips over the year. And we did 🙂 (Although the plans didn’t always go exactly as we had hoped all the time.) At the way bottom of this post I’ll show the list for those who might be interested. The links in that list are to posts from those trips.

An unexpected boon from this idea was the way it affects our day-to-day interactions by changing our habits and by enhancing current experiences (Ex: after living out of a suitcase for a month, we realize we have waaaaay to much stuff, so we are downsizing. And now when I go to a global buffet and see the Italian offerings, I know which delectable meats and cheeses to grab as my first course.)


    1. It counted any time we stayed at a hotel or went to visit friends and family and spent a night.
    2. Sometimes we went to places more than once for different reasons, and we counted those as separate trips.
    3. We were together (trips taken without each other did not make it on the list).


We tried to keep a list going in a spreadsheet, but I know a few of the trips were not documented (a few other camping trips or brief overnights on the way to other places). And we are heading out to Utah again in two days. Does that count?

We are celebrating the day by going to a West Coast Swing Dance club this evening. I’m pretty excited since we’ve been taking dance lessons.

Here is a collage of some of our happy memories from the past year. I hope you enjoy them. And thanks to all our family and friends who took time out of their schedules to celebrate with us and share these experiences.


And here is a list of most of our destinations:

Philadelphia  – WordCamp US (We officially started our list last December since that was our anniversary month
Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada – celebrating my birthday with a getaway on 2016
Connecticut – visiting family and friends
Saratoga Springs – company Christmas dinner and visiting family
Utah – vising CJ and Lauren
Greek Peak – snowboard overnight
Toronto – visiting friends on our way to Italy
Perugia – work trip
Lisbon – work trip that we extended so we could live there for a month
Missouri – visiting friends
Utah – visiting CJ and Lauren again
Kearney, Nebraska – A stop on the Utah trip
Iowa – A stop on the Utah trip
Wyoming – A stop on the Utah trip
West Virginia – visiting our kids at camp
Connecticut – visiting a friend and getting our new car
Connecticut – visiting friends
Western NY – final stay at our old house before officially letting it go
West Virginia – pick up our son from his summer job
Connecticut – nephew’s wedding
Cranberry Lake – camping with friends in the Adirondacks
Southwick – local overnight camping
Saratoga Springs – visiting relatives
Brockport Rochester Wordcamp
Niagara Falls – Ontario, Canada – celebrating my birthday with a getaway on 2017

Thankful for CJ and Lauren

Day 13/30 – One year ago, our eldest son married the perfect woman for him. The marriage gifting us with an amazing daughter (Lauren). They sailed through that first year of marriage in an admirable fashion not because it was easy, but because of their love for each other. What a gift for a parent to watch!

While there are times I wish they lived super close to me (they are across the country), I am so thankful they found a place that is ideal for them. And I’m also really thankful that we can travel and visit them a few times of year.

  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.

24 Years of Marriage With my Man

IMG_20151228_153247630Right about now, 24 years ago, I was standing in a church (not lounging on a couch next to a cozy Christmas tree) doing the “I do” thing with a most amazing man. What a great move that was!

We met while playing pool with friends.  I was 17 and he was 26. He told me he was going to marry me the first time we met. I laughed then, but look who’s laughing now. 🙂

As our kids are hitting the ages where we tied the knot, I look back on our years together. And on the marriages of those in our lives who are happiest together. What have we learned? What advice would I offer?

  • Be stubborn. We had some tough bumps initially and had a bit of growing up to do, but we were too stubborn to quit, and I think it saved us in the long run. Now we know we will stick together through anything.
  • Cherish the love. (Anyone just get a 1980’s song running through their head? 😉 ) But seriously. Love is a gift. When you are lucky enough to find it, embrace it. Don’t let schedules and other agendas/people pull you apart.
  • Remember that no relationship — no matter how perfect it seems — is more than two weeks away from divorce/separation. That’s my favorite piece of advice, and it came from a happily married mother of a friend. So wise! Like anything else worthwhile, relationships need to be cultivated and not taken for granted.

I hope that someday in the future, my kids can celebrate 24 years with their spouses, and like me, pray that’s only the beginning of many more years together.

Thanks for making my world so blessed and wonderful, Chris. I love you!