A Special Day

Fifty-six years ago, our world was given an amazing gift. That was the day my husband was born. There are so many things I adore about this man, and I’m ever so thankful we are journeying through the adventures of this life together.

One of the greatest delights in my existence is opening my eyes every morning, looking at Chris, and seeing him grin at me. It’s the simple little pleasures, you know?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite photos of him from this past year. The images in no way delve into the true reality of his amazingness, but in them you can get a glimpse of fun and serious sides of this man I love.

Happy Birthday to my Man

IMG_20160207_132555302This is quite possibly one of the most temperate birthdays this February baby has ever had in his 53 (gasp!) years. And while we still have a few hours left to go, so far it’s pretty close to perfection.

The plan was for him to have a Mario Kart marathon with Hudi, Zeb, Bri and Lauren, but that plan changed very quickly when we woke up to gloriously sunny skies and warm air. It was 45 degrees when he and I hit the slopes after a few cups of coffee (and a wee bit of work)!

Swain today was a complete gift. We are so fortunate to have a place to play during this depressingly snowless winter. The slopes were powdery, there were lots of IMG_20160207_171335167people around, but it wasn’t obnoxiously crowded, and smiles were abundant. Happy sigh.

After a few hours we went home to a house where the Grateful Dead was playing, and the dog had already been walked. We ordered a Highlander pizza and a Veggie pizza then Chris and the kiddos took up the controllers. I happily listen to them as they play.

We sure miss CJ, but we know he’s super happy out on the slopes in Utah.

Want to know something crazy about this year? In a few months, I will have been part of Chris’ world for half of his life. That’s pretty pivotal, and I’m really happy he has let me be part of his journey.

Happy Birthday, Chris. I love you!

Zeb’s Last Year as a Teen

Yeah, he was cute as a little guy (says this totally un-biased mamma). But he’s even more awesome now! How do kids do that? They just keep getting better and better… Anyway, I digress. Today is our Zebulon’s 19th birthday. And we are so thankful for him.


Zeb’s sense of adventure and eagerness to live life to its fullest is so inspiring.


I especially love when he shares this love of life with the next gen:

Life with Zeb is never dull.

We love you so much Z-Bob. Happy Birthday!!!!

A Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was a prime example of how wondrous home life is. It was filled with laughter, love, creativity and fun work. Often it’s the simple things that tip the scale to completely marvelous.

It all began Friday morning when I joined one of my best friends in attending the middle school play. Her daughter rocked the donkey role in Shrek while the son of another close friend nailed the title role.

The vibe in the auditorium was so fun, and I was sad when the play ended. The kids did a really great job. Here’s a short video of the fun we had:

That evening Chris and I were hiking our dog with other close friends, and they reminded us of a fish fry fundraiser at a local fire department. I love these events because you are assigned seats at long tables based on availability. This means I get seated with people I have never met before, and I get to know more people in my area. This time we sat with some farmers who had interesting thoughts on haylage, silage and the best places to fish for Halibut. We also learned a bit about the impact of the Great Depression on local farmers.


While I worked on Saturday I got to hear the laughter and conversations of the teens and their friends as they played games and discussed future plans for life. What a great bunch of kids young adults!

Zeb came home for the weekend, and we celebrated his birthday (a few days early) with the Indian Chicken dinner he requested. And I showed the kids how my phone made a gif 🙂


We topped the night off by watching Inside Out. It was a good way to end the day.

Sunday morning was a treat. Since I’ve been traveling a bunch, I haven’t been to my home church in a while so it was a delight to get to go to church AND Sunday School. I missed my friends there so it was great to catch up and learn some new things. I love how church inspires me to think, challenge my own beliefs and study more.

After that, I went home and listened to another church service online, along with some co-workers. Very cool.

Work Sunday was similar to Saturday. My background music was the sound of happy teens and twenty-somethings hanging out together. We had a brief photo session for the Christmas letter before Zeb left for school, and we wrapped up the day with Dr. Who episodes.

Simple? Yes

Perfect? Totally


Happy 22, CJ

Not so sure when this happened. Little guy to awesome man. When you were a squalling little one, Aunt Anne commented that with a newborn we were under seige, playing on your nickname. I do think you took our hearts captive. Your passion for music, game creation, and your enthusiasm for teaching others is inspiring, and it’s a treat to see you grow in these arenas. We love you so much! May God bless you now and always.

Hudi Turns Sixteen

He stands over half a foot taller than I, but he will always be my baby (as are his brothers). I’m not certain when my youngest child morphed into a young man, but it happened.

His zeal for life is inspiring. Whether he is teaching people how to snowboard and ski, mowing lawns for neighbors, taking steps toward a desired culinary career by taking classes with Rebecca Lindamood or spending time helping others in need, Hudi is ready to help with a joke and a smile. It makes a mama’s heart glad.

We are so blessed to have him in this family. We love you, Hudi!!!! (and yes, we will be off to the DMV tomorrow to get your permit 😉 )

The Techie Mama Turns 43

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I turned 43 on Saturday (no, I have no problem with my age), and it was one of my top five birthdays ever! Not gonna lie. It was filled with family, love and friends.

To begin with, I slept in. Although I never have to set an alarm (thanks to my job and homeschooling), it still seemed luxurious to wake up whenever I wanted and not have any agenda. I think I woke up around 8.

Then I curled up on the couch with my coffee and started reading a book my cousin Lars wrote entitled The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings. It just came out on Amazon.

My husband emerged for coffee and a nice yak, then we headed off to the local ski slope (our family loves Swain Resort, and two of our sons work there as snowboard instructors). We took a few runs then headed home for a nap.

Believe me, naps are a treat at 43.

Then the real fun began. Our kids, their girlfriends and other friends joined us as we decorated for Christmas and settled in to watch some of my favorite flicks–Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Widescreen Edition)
and Alvin & the Chipmunks.

How perfect is that? Topping that all off, I got to spend the day reading Facebook greetings and talking to loved ones on the phone. Year 43 certainly is starting off well.

I am one blessed chica!