Highlighted Blog #23 – Linda Covella

Love learning about your favorite authors? And want to know more about some great historical fiction novels for young adults? This is a wonderful blog filled with great author interviews and other goodies. For the next few weeks, my guests for “10 Questions” will be historical fiction authors. This genre is one of my favorites. […]


Highlighted Blog #5 – Butterfly Mind

Whether you want to gain insight into a new book, look at some beautiful garden photos, mentally join a sailboat excursion or vicariously enjoy some travel through interesting images and great writing, Butterfly Mind is a one-stop-shop for great content. I love it when Andrea posts.


Thankful for Good Books

Day 29/30 – There is nothing quite like a good book, in my opinion. I’m currently “reading” (audio book) A Man Called Ove: A Novel, and it’s making me laugh so often. Favorites from my past also include A Ring of Endless Light, Between Shades of Gray and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. For […]

Friends Nature Family

Reading Animal Signs

Since the holidays are around the corner, my mind is on gifts. I thought I might share a thought for the nature lovers in my life. One of my favorite gifts I have ever received was a children’s book written by my friend Jen Funk Weber. It was entitled Been There, Done That: Reading Animal […]

Friends Books

Nothin’ Like a Good Book

You know those books that haunt you for days, weeks, months, even years after you read them? I finished one of those a few weeks ago. A recommendation from my friend Kelley. The problem is that I would really love to talk with a group about it and get a discussion going, but nobody in my local […]

Friends Wordpress Teens Education Family

We Helped Make History

There are many things I love about this rural area I have come to call my home. One of our greatest treasures is our library. Run almost entirely by volunteers, it’s the one in which we hold our WordPress meetups. Yesterday it moved. Not by itself, of course.  And not the building, really. To be more precise […]