Camp Sandy Cove – Not a Boring Camp

Getting ready for summer at Camp Sandy Cove.
Getting ready for summer at Camp Sandy Cove.

Our Zeb is away from us this summer. He’s a camp counselor for kids ages 7-17 way down in West Virginia. But this is not your ordinary camp. The other day when I was texting with him, he had to sign off because he was about to do a skateboard lesson. They also get to do things like this (Zeb is on the left):

When Zeb was young enough that he didn’t even understand the word “no” yet, he figured out how to escape from his crib. I spied on him to see how he did it and watched as he reached over the edge, grabbed the rungs palms-up, leaned forward and flipped out onto our hardwood floor. That was the last time he ever slept in a crib 🙂

It was shortly after, when he was about two-and-a-half, that I had to warn him not to do headstands in the bathtub. He didn’t hear me. His head was under water.

So yeah, Camp Sandy Cove is a really great camp for our Zebulon. He is now certified in rock-climbing, life guarding, first aid, etc. And I have a feeling there are some kids out there who will feel pretty lucky having him as a counselor.

Catching up to Me – and our Trip to DC (and Surrounding Areas)

IMG_20150614_122615884I somehow missed June, and I blame it on my kids. Hudi pretty much finished his school year months ago (he homeschools through a virtual high school), CJ is out of college, and Zeb is in college. No school days were pushing (punishing?) us through the long days of June so we forgot to stress and just enjoyed.

No graduations in our immediate family this year, no exams. We began celebrating summer in May, and I missed June. Work hard, play hard. Life sure is fun.

So here is my attempt at a catch-up. The next few posts will highlight some of our warm-season adventures.

As a summer kick-off (a month or so ago) we traipsed down to West Virginia to drop Zeb off at Camp Sandy Cove, where he is a counselor this summer. On the way, we stopped to visit with Zeb’s godparents and other family members. Such fun!!!! We also spent a day touring in Washington, DC.      (CLICK ANY PIC TO SEE IT BIGGER)

Zeb was a total favorite with this awesome little dude who wanted to be wherever Zeb was.

Even trying to dance like him.

On our way out of the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, we stopped to get Zeb’s girlfriend from the airport (she’s also working at Camp Sandy Cove this summer). We dropped them off at camp with yet another friend (the one who told them about this awesome job) and headed back home.

A whirlwind tour, but lots of fun. And a really cool part was that I used my mi-fi to work while on the road so I only missed one work day, and my awesome co-workers cheerfully covered for me on that day 🙂 Lots of fun and no guilt.

My Favorite Beach

While I love the Long Island Sound and have body-surfed waves in the east coast Atlantic and the west coast Pacific, my favorite beach is filled with love, laughter and a few tears. It’s a beach on Lake Ontario, and we camp there every year with our kids and friends.