Camp Sandy Cove – Not a Boring Camp

Getting ready for summer at Camp Sandy Cove.
Getting ready for summer at Camp Sandy Cove.

Our Zeb is away from us this summer. He’s a camp counselor for kids ages 7-17 way down in West Virginia. But this is not your ordinary camp. The other day when I was texting with him, he had to sign off because he was about to do a skateboard lesson. They also get to do things like this (Zeb is on the left):

When Zeb was young enough that he didn’t even understand the word “no” yet, he figured out how to escape from his crib. I spied on him to see how he did it and watched as he reached over the edge, grabbed the rungs palms-up, leaned forward and flipped out onto our hardwood floor. That was the last time he ever slept in a crib 🙂

It was shortly after, when he was about two-and-a-half, that I had to warn him not to do headstands in the bathtub. He didn’t hear me. His head was under water.

So yeah, Camp Sandy Cove is a really great camp for our Zebulon. He is now certified in rock-climbing, life guarding, first aid, etc. And I have a feeling there are some kids out there who will feel pretty lucky having him as a counselor.

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  1. My goodness! I’m glad I read your stories about Zeb and didn’t have to live through them myself. His cousin (my son) once waved down to me from a tree, and I was standing at a window on the second floor. That was mild compared to Zeb’s adventures.

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