Could you, too, Become a WordCamp Groupie? (Join Me)

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A year ago I had never even heard of WordCamp. Now, as soon as one is finished I’m looking for the next in my area. And I’m not the only one. I’m starting to recognize WordPress friends every camp I go to, and have even started adjusted our traveling plans so we can hang out with other WordPress fans after conference hours.

What is a WordCamp? Take the heart and soul of WordPress and throw it into a weekend, and there you have it. WordCamp. It’s a celebration of digital awesomeness that can last from a day to a week. Sometimes there are workshops, and some WordCamps have one-on-one help for your sites at the Happiness Bar (no alcohol involved–it’s just the title). And you can always count on informative speakers (and based on my own observations, incredible food).

No need to get fancy. No need to stress. Come when you want and leave if you have to (my guess is that you won’t want to). These are informal, community-organized events that are put together by WordPress users like you

WordCamp is a beautiful blend of self-hosted sites and sites. It’s a blatant display of what WordPress is all about–Community. It’s a time where newbies can learn how to set up a site and a time where developers and designers can learn how to tweak their latest work for optimal performance. Personal blogger? There’s something there for you. Professional business owner? Yup, you are covered. And networking.

Oh, the networking!

There are networking opportunities between sessions, at meals, and at awesome after parties (which are generally part of the WordCamp plan).

I recently read a thought-provoking article called Embrace Grace which includes this gem:

WordPress is successful because of the global and local communities that allow for the creation of friendships that drive action. That drive behavior.

And this is it. WordCamps are places where people get together, geek out and encourage each other to be they best they can be in the industry. It’s about collaboration, not stealing ideas. Anything that will benefit humanity on a whole.

Very cool stuff.

So anyway. Why is this on my mind? Maybe because we just came back from an incredible weekend at the Montreal WordCamp. Or maybe it’s because we’re about set to go to the Boston WordCamp.

See what I mean? Complete addiction. Maybe I’ll see you in Boston. Or Toronto. Or NYC or … 😉

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  1. I’m trying to find out more info about th topics to be covered in New York. I wanted to volunteer it would be my birthday present to myself.

    • They are still picking speakers (I’m in the final round of consideration so cross your fingers for me 🙂 ) There were over 200 applications! Once they decide, I bet they will post the schedule. What a fantastic present for yourself!

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