My Mor Mor

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My aunt wrote this post about an incredible woman I was lucky enough to call Mor Mor (Mother’s Mother). I love that my aunt loved her mother-in-law enough to write this tribute.

When I was in my late teens I struggled with sleep cycles due to Lyme disease. Mor Mor struggled with sleep because she was aging. Often she and I would meet in the kitchen around 2 am. That time was a treasure. She shared her many decades of experience with me, and inspired me with her own plans for the future. Even though she was in her upper 70s at that time, she was looking into taking art classes at the local college, she was an active gardener, and she knitted sweaters and blankets for Lutheran World Relief.

Thanks for that beautiful tribute Aunt Anne. And happy 100 to Mor Mor.

Mehrling Muse

Yesterday John mentioned that it would have been his mother’s 100th birthday. Our grandson Nathaniel latched onto that, and between the two of them, they hatched a plan to celebrate. It may have been while we were in a restaurant after church that they asked me what Mom’s favorite dessert was. Without hesitating, I said it was lemon meringue pie. After the words left my mouth, I began to have doubts. I remembered she made a wonderful plum cobbler that no one else did, but that didn’t mean it was her favorite. John remembered rhubarb with the same conclusion. Anyone who reads this is welcome to correct us. I offered to make lemon curd if we’d get an angel cake on the way home, that being a dessert that would come close to being on our nutritionists’ approval list. Nathaniel held out for pie, the real thing. The two…

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