People Who Encourage People

I’m writing this one during our Coronavirus stay-at-home time. Our neighbors have three little ones, and one day we saw something fun out our window. I think it might have been the pre-schooler’s teachers. After coming by and talking with the kids from a distance, the dressed-up characters turned around and took a selfie with […]

blogging Wordpress

Highlighted Blog #7 — Hannah Vanderpool

One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing all the different sites people create. Sometimes I’m helping someone with a site. Other times someone shows me a site as an example of what they are looking for, and still other times I chance across sites in the Reader. So I get to see […]

art Family

Artists at Work

As we traipsed through MASS MoCA, we found ourselves in the children’s area. It was delightful. There was an art bar where kids could go to get lunchboxes filled with art supplies. They took them to a table and began creating. As I watched a man and girl twisting pipe cleaners together, I was reminded […]