Inspiration From Other WordPress Writers

A couple of nights ago I had the coolest dream. It awoke the writer within me in its lucidity. It was a fantasy story in which we had a superhero and friends overcoming villains as they literally flew through a world that was devoid of color. Amazingly, when one connected hands with the superhero, color seeped into the scene.

Of course, there is the moment upon wake-up where one analyzes where dream thoughts came from. I realized that I not only dream in color, but I also have the capability of dreaming in monochrome.

And my dream came from a book I had just read — written by my colleague, Carla, (it’s not published yet, but when it is, it will be a treat for all). And it was also from a series of posts I read on WordPress. They were written by Gun Roswell. An example of one is:

Travel in monochrome 2 — Rantings Of A Third Kind

“See the world in black and white, and a few greys too!” Gun Roswell Travel in monochrome When travelling around the world World, this nice round blue orb you were on to hurled Hurled, like a whirl wind out of the blue Blue, as is the colour of the sky’s hue Hue, derived from the […]

Travel in monochrome 2 — Rantings Of A Third Kind

I encourage you to read more from Love the regular postings with great images and awesome poetry.

As I’ve been pulled back into thoughts and explorations of story line that result from that dream, I’m once again amazed and inspired by all the WordPress community brings. Thanks Carla, Gun Roswell, and all the others that inspire. You make life so much richer.

Time Alone – Reflections

What would you do if you had a few hours alone? I don’t mean in a quiet it room. I mean alone, alone, alone. Nobody in the house, no plans, no noise.

Even though I’m empty nested, life takes on its own vibes, and I realize now, in the silence of my living room, that the last couple of hours I’ve had while Chris and a friend are golfing are extremely rare.

As the men left I mentioned that I had plenty of things to do to keep myself entertained. Learn some Python, blog, watch a Jane Goodal documentary, etc. And the time has flown. I even got some bonus things in – I worked on editing a book for a friend and watched a few more clips in my wine course and planned some logistics for our next trip 🙂

The feeling flashes me back to the day when, after years with young children, my youngest went to preschool for a couple of hours several times a week. It was the first time in YEARS that I had time to myself. So much to do. I literally found myself spinning. Each chocolate? Take a bath uninterrupted? Exercise? Clean without little hands “helping” me?

That day, I didn’t know where to start. And ended up doing nothing that day. Except spin.

It’s quiet moments like this when I am reminded of how full my life is. And I love that. It’s also cool to take a step back and rediscover interests I can enjoy pursuing in my own time, in my own way, with no time constraints.

I learned something that preschool day. Always keep a list of special things you can do when that rare moment of solitary time hits. Then you will be ready to immerse and enjoy.


Waves at the beach.

Reoccurring dreams to be specific. Do you have them? If so, please share in the blog comments. I have a dream that has trailed me through life, and I absolutely love it. But I can’t make it happen. It comes when it wants.

My dream always involves stormy seas. Waves. Major waves. Sometimes I body surf them, sometimes I struggle to get to them, and sometimes they pull me under.

But they never scare me. They envelop me. Even when I’m under, I can breathe under the water, and I embrace the magic of them swirling around me.

Since I love the dream, I’ve tried to track when the dream occurs. Over time I have narrowed it down. The dream comes when major changes occur in my life. How beautiful is that? It’s not always bad changes, either. But it’s always change.

I’m in an unknown, dealing with something I can’t control, yet I’m always able to cope with it. And if I give in and let go, I get taken on a most beauteous ride.