Waves at the beach.

Reoccurring dreams to be specific. Do you have them? If so, please share in the blog comments. I have a dream that has trailed me through life, and I absolutely love it. But I can’t make it happen. It comes when it wants.

My dream always involves stormy seas. Waves. Major waves. Sometimes I body surf them, sometimes I struggle to get to them, and sometimes they pull me under.

But they never scare me. They envelop me. Even when I’m under, I can breathe under the water, and I embrace the magic of them swirling around me.

Since I love the dream, I’ve tried to track when the dream occurs. Over time I have narrowed it down. The dream comes when major changes occur in my life. How beautiful is that? It’s not always bad changes, either. But it’s always change.

I’m in an unknown, dealing with something I can’t control, yet I’m always able to cope with it. And if I give in and let go, I get taken on a most beauteous ride.

4 responses to “Dreams”

  1. I like your dream, especially since you are not frightened while in it. I used to dream of trying to run away from something scary, but I couldn’t see clearly where I was going. After I had a few days of seeing double in real life, I never had the dream again.

    • That is so interesting! And it doesn’t sound fun 🙁 I’m glad you didn’t have that one again.

  2. I have a recurring dream when I have too much going on and I am worried about getting everything done. In the dream, I am back in college and it’s the day before finals and I realize that I had a class that I forgot about and never went to. And I am absolutely distraught, wondering how I will tell my parents. So weird, as I am in mid-50s now! Also, often in the dream, it was to be my last quarter in school, so I know that I now will not graduate.

    • Oh wow. That sounds super stressful! I’ve had a similar dream (of realizing I forgot to go to a class all semester), but never quite as stressful as what you describe!

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