Going Back to College – Kind Of

Recently I’ve been wanting to start something new during my free time. I didn’t want to be under pressure, but I want to grow as a human. And I found out about free college courses one can take. This is very cool. I learned about it at the end of last year, and today I got serious about it and enrolled on EdEx.

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Those who know me know I’m a bit obsessed with weather. I have three weather apps on my phone, and I track 3-5 locations at any given time. One of the great delights in my world is tracking whichever new weather front is heading my way (yes, Maya is hitting us tomorrow).

I know, I know. To each their own, right?

So I dove into my new adventure with full intentions of signing up for a course on weather. But a very important criteria for me is to take a course at my own pace. No pressure. This is my idea of constructive leisure, after all. And the only weather courses were ones on global environment or tornadoes. Neither of which totally appealed to me. So I branched out.

It was an interesting process — reading through courses and realizing what appealed to me. There were many computer coding offerings I was tempted by, but reminded myself this is for my leisure, and I want something quite different from my work. I looked into neuroscience and nanotechnology — all great stuff! And I might do those in the future. But then I found a course that is currently calling my name. It’s called:

The World History of Modern Wine

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Oooooh, yeah. Wine is my definite vice of choice, and thanks to my Uncle John, I have a fascination for history. This is the description for the course:

This course explores the growth of global wine production and trade over the past three centuries. You will explore key themes in wine history and learn about the methods and resources that historians use to understand the past.

The course is designed for both wine-lovers who want to know more about their favorite beverage, and for history-lovers who are curious about the growing field of commodity history.

Topics include the differences between the “old” and “new” worlds of wine, the changing nature of taste, and innovations in wine quality. We’ll discuss the historical development of appellation systems to classify wine, as well as the importance of global trade in creating the world’s distinctive wine regions.


Is that perfect, or what? I was torn between diving in and blogging about it. You all in the blogoshpere won, and I hope some of you will be excited about courses you can take as well — I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Now I’m off to learn for an hour before I head back to work. I so love this technological era we live in where all this great info is at our fingertips. What a gift!

10 responses to “Going Back to College – Kind Of”

  1. So cool, Chrissie! Reminds me of many years ago when I did research for one of the writers who planned to write a newsletter on the origin of cheese. Before PCs so research was done the old fashioned way through library research. So fun and I still remember the history!

    • Oooohh, maybe I should try to find a cheese class next. Wine and cheese and tons of history! That is awesome.

  2. Love this idea – and really fits you 🙂 i just remembered an awesome pic we have enjoying wine 🙂 ahah, do share your thoughts when you’re finished! 🙂

  3. That sounds great! I make it a point to take one class for personal enrichment every year. I think its important so we continue to learn and grow as people. Last year I took a writing class and this year I hope to embark on a course that focuses on a deeper study of the Bible. I hope things are going well.

    • “I make it a point to take one class for personal enrichment every year.” Love that idea! And life is good 🙂 Hope it is for you as well.

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