Thankful for Games

I just discovered a new game, and I adore it. The game is called Iota, and it’s box is smaller than my hand 🙂 So yeah. Easy storage. But tons of fun. We played it with the young adults in our world over Thanksgiving, and it became even more fun. Iota is kind of a […]

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Complete and Utter Chaos

I think the game Chaos is sadistic. But some of my family members love it so I play. It’s probably good for me, helping me work on my memory. Have you ever heard of it? Chaos is a board game from 1970. It’s basically checkers. With up to four people. With identical pieces, and you have […]

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Sun, Sons and Snowboarding

After Friday night’s snow who would guess that we would be sipping coffee on the deck Saturday morning? Even better, we were sunbathing by the afternoon. It was over 50 degrees. We slept in, yakked, read, took naps and basically took the day off as a quasi spa day. Pure luxury. In the evening we headed […]

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Virtually Yours

My son is getting married on Sunday, and this week is filled with exciting events :). So how does a game-maker propose to the love of his life? Watch and find out how he did it last spring. Lauren is a great alpha-tester so she’s used to checking out CJ’s latest updates. Since he’s working on […]

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What’s in a Game?

We set up the board in our NY home and pinged my cousin Lise, who lives in Denmark…

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Winter is Coming. Back to Rock Band!

One of our favorite winter pastimes. Nothing like a night of Rock Band with the kids. Gotta tell you, we can do the Bohemian Rhapsody like pros!