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Holiday Celebrations in North Carolina

Why is it so hard to visit people we love sometimes? Chris and I had such a wonderful time visiting my aunt and uncle a few years ago and have planned several trips back, but none came into fruition for one reason or another. Our latest plan was to visit last summer while I was […]


Christmas and Thanksgiving 2019

Two major thoughts hit me this past week as we gathered together to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with our kiddos.

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A Diverse December

December is a funky month, full of highs and lows. Perhaps for everyone, and certainly for Chris and me. And this year it seemed particularly diverse in emotions. In December I: Celebrated exciting life milestones. Mourned for people no longer breathing in our earthly sphere. Re-learned lessons I should have known and came pretty close […]

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Love to All – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This holiday season has given me a mind shift and mental reboot, which I hope will lead to my being a better contributor to the human race. After a wonderful day of snowboarding with my family (yesterday), I now sit here and write in front of a lit tree, with a fire on the TV […]