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Good People

We had a bad thing turn into a blessing the day before Easter this year. This felt like a good story to share since it’s a reminder that there truly are good people in this world.


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Kind People Running Coffee Shops

When I visit Europe, it somehow seems magical. Although I know that the people there are the same as the people here, the parks, restaurants and homes seem to have a bit more enchantment. As a result, I am now deliberately seeking similar spots here in the United States. To my delight, I’m realizing that […]

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Larry Boy Greets my Boys

The other day I woke up with a VeggieTales song stuck in my head. Since my kids are 15+, this is not a common event anymore. It was a great way to wake up, though, and reminded me of one of my favorite interviews.

Years ago I interviewed Mike Nawrocki (VeggieTales co-creator and voice of Larry Boy), and he gave my kids a special greeting at the end of the interview. Although they are quite a bit older now, it’s still a family treasure:



This was placed on my husband’s car mirror by school kids while he was Christmas shopping. Love it!