Snowmageddon Sweetness

Every year/snowboard season there is a day that stands out as exceptional. Sometimes it is a bluebird spring day where the time on the slopes is followed by a cooling beer on a deck in the sun with friends. Sometimes it’s a particularly perfect powder. Sometimes it’s exquisite views as the sun gleams through the ice drips coming off the trees that stand as sentinels to the slopes.

We had one such day this year. It was actually an evening on a very ordinary day. I texted my kids about it and decided I would leave the conversation as is. Capturing a sign of the times in today’s world. Here was the text. I’m adding comments in brackets to clarify.:

After a ten-hour work day (lots of training for my new job facet) Chris and I were playing golf with Kurt and Stephanie last night [that was VR golf in our living room], and our friends live an hour away]. When done, we did a bit of Beat Saber and took off our headsets. Found out it was dark and that it had snowed. Beautiful snow draped on the trees. So we grabbed our gear and hit the hills. It. Was. Amazing!!!!

In a weird twist of fate, the east coast had powder!!! Stayed out until last chair. [At that time it was warming up, and the snow was attaching to my board in a way that showed I definitely needed to give it another coat of wax.]

Snow stuck to my board and I did a faceplant off the chair at the top. After stashing our gear, I went to our room and discovered both my pockets had become unzipped and my phone was gone.

Fortunately I had Life 360 on so we looked at Chris’ phone and saw the phone had dropped at my fall off the lift. [We were back at our room at that point, and the battery my phone was dying out in the cold, so I knew it would be a lost cause the next morning. And I didn’t want groomers running over it during the night. I ran back outside hoping to catch some lifties, but I knew it was probably too late. Fortunately, I saw Carl, a really awesome maintenance person I know. I asked him where one might go in this situation, and he recommended Patrol. Brilliant!]

Went to Patrol and found some snowmakers [part of the Snowmageddon team at Jiminy — amazingly talented, hard-working people who bring tons of joy to people with their snowmaking/pushing talent].

They took a sled up and found it! [One stayed at the base with me. He had a radio. The other went up and radioed down to us. By then, Chris had joined me, and we kept calling the phone until it was found. I had it on silent mode so that was tricky, but the man saw the light on the ringing phone, I guess.]

Quite the adventure. [And the snowmakers wouldn’t even take a tip. Just said karma would take care of them 🙂 So kind.]

Battery had 1% by the time I hit home. haha. I am very sore today from all that fun, but what a day!!! Oh, and even better news. While talking with the snowmakers, I found out they plan to blow more snow so it looks like the season may not be ending quite yet. I’m so happy.

So there it is. A perfect evening enhanced by kindness. Thank you, Snowmagaddon!

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  1. What an adventure! Never a dull moment! What a blessing that you were able to connect with those who were able to help you find your phone. <3

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