So Long to Snowboarding

At least for this season. The last couple of months have been quite busy. When I wasn’t working or hanging out with visiting guests, I was grabbing time on the slopes. It’s been a crazy season, but a good one.

The weather has been extremely mercurial. It seemed one day it would be well below zero Fahrenheit ( almost -18 C) , and I’m not hard-core enough to want to go out in that, and the next day it would be over 55° F (almost 13 C) and raining. I don’t know how our mountain team did it, but they did an excellent job keeping up. Last year, in better natural conditions, I was able to snowboard 40 times on the East Coast and once out West. This year, even in adverse conditions and stopping early due to life schedules, I still managed to go out 40 different days.

Last year I was so proud of myself for turning right and learning how to be comfortable toe side. This season, I think my biggest highlight was finding some other female snowboarders in our area and hanging out on the slopes with them.

A few friends that joined me were colleagues, but I met some new friends as well. On Facebook (and Insta) there is a group called East Coast Lady Boarders. The group is fantastic. Very encouraging and filled with all sorts of tips ranging from how to get in shape for the slopes to getting proper equipment and enjoying the sport as affordably as possible.

So fun! And, of course, I always love the slope time with my favorite person — Chris.

My goal for this year was to learn to ride goofy (right foot as the lead foot). I didn’t really do dedicated practice on it, but ended up doing it a few times naturally. I’m not carving or anything, but I’m realizing I can do it if I need to. Next year’s goal is to improve on this and also get better gliding with a foot free.

Chris recorded my last run on the last day (part of the run anyway). It’s not fast or fancy, but shows I’m a lot more comfortable on the board than I used to be. Before the recording, I had been gliding goofy, and after it I hit my all-time high speed (33.6 mph/54.07 km/h)

I’ll end with that. Next time I write, I’ll tell you a heartwarming story from the slopes. Until then, hope you enjoy my final run of the 2021/2022 season.

11 responses to “So Long to Snowboarding”

  1. You are fantastic! Before I watched Chris’ excellent video, I was feeling sorry that I didn’t take advantage of going down with you this year. Now I have seen you in action, and I remember how exciting it is to be with you “live”. Thanks for this next-best experience. Love you both!

  2. Chrissie, it sounds like overall you had a fantastic season on the slopes! About the crazy see-sawing weather recently – here too, although not quite as extreme. I wonder if it’s related to climate change, ever-worsening…

  3. So amazing looking like. You are fantastic. Beautiful all photos. I like.

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