What’s in a Name?

pexels-photo-204997.jpegTotally random post. I am a Chrissie. Married to a Chris. Daughter of a Chris. And to make things more fun, I’m a 46-year-old Chrissie, which doesn’t seem like it should be a factor, but it is.

You see, I’ve noticed an interesting thing with my name. People don’t seem to accept it on average. Even when I was twenty, people thought I should be a Chris or a Christine. I was a professional writer, and I submitted my work under the name Chrissie Pollock. It was regularly switched on publication to Chris Pollock. And everyone congratulated my husband on his research. Not cool. So professionally I became Christine. But why would I have to do that?

It’s not just about females and the “ie,” either.

Or maybe it *is* something about the eeeeeeee sound that people can’t handle. I remember one time when my son Hudi (pronounced Hooo-deeeee) came home from school telling me that his teacher refused to call him by his known name. Instead he would call him by his birth name, Hudson. I was not happy. Why can’t people just call others what they want to be called?

The last few months have shown a change in the game. For some reason, people are now starting to call me Christy. I’m not certain why. I just find it interesting. Thoughts?