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Snapchats From my Kids

Especially when they show adorable videos of my granddaughter or grand-animals. I particularly love


Wonderful Weekend with our Kids

Crisp autumn colors and sunny skies framed our journey last week as Chris and I headed to Rochester, NY to visit Hudi and Mollie and to attend WordCamp Rochester. The young adults have very busy lives (an opposing work schedules) so we only got a little time of the four of us together, but we […]

2019 Utah Summer Family

Leapin’ Lizards!

Oh how my grand-dragon has grown!


Thankful for Breaks

I’m six “thanks” behind for the month, and I’m thankful that it’s okay 🙂 There’s one of the six, haha. There have been many thanks over the past few days, but I was busy living life and enjoying time with family and didn’t have as much time to write. So this is a six-in-one post […]


Highlighted Blog #22 – Seriously Seeking Answers

Why? How is it that I believe what I believe? And is it right? The Seriously Seeking Answers blog is written by a woman who constantly questions her own beliefs, and I love that. But it’s not all seriousness. She also has fun animal pics and some recipes and other info. The frost sadly zapped […]

Wordpress blogging

Highlighted Blog #21 – That Little Voice

I just love Radar. Pictures of that adorable dog and other animals draw me to this blog. The author is great with a camera and writes in response to various challenges. So interesting! My contributions to Photo Challenge prompt ‘Ruling the Roost’ shows my new doglet Radar viewing his domain (he could be auditioning for […]


Highlighted Blog #2 – Travels with Callie

If I ever need a smile, I hit this blog. I don’t personally know the author, but I love her writing style and images. She travels around the country, and her cat travels with her. Callie is the cat. On the return trip from attending a wedding in Poulsbo, Washington, Lara got out her ukulele […]

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Where Did Star Go?

I think she loves snow as much as I do. This was her foray outdoors last night. The snow on the steps reflect what had fallen in the previous six hours. This was the snow level a few hours earlier. And here it is today. So pretty.