Thankful for Snow

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IMG_1093.jpgDay 14/30 – I know, I know. This one is controversial. And my apologies to those of you who absolutely detest it.

While I never abhorred snow, I did dread it at one point of my life (in my years before learning to snowboard). White, white, white. And cold. It never ends, right? I get that.

So we incorporated a house rule. If we got over 3 inches of snow, I got a shot of Drambuie 😉 That helped a ton by giving me something to be happy about as snow fell (there is so much power in psychology). Then things got even better as I learned to snowboard and enjoy being in the elements.

Mild understatement. I now LIVE for winter.

Yesterday I was reading a La Nina Outlook and became super-psyched. I’m in blizzard zone 🙂

    • Work-from-home job (no commute) but flexible work hours? Check
    • Season passes to a resort for snowboarding? Check
    • Drambuie? Check

Bring it on! I’m ready 🙂

  • For November (the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US), I’m trying to blog about something for which I’m thankful for each day of the month.


Happy Birthday to my Man

IMG_20160207_132555302This is quite possibly one of the most temperate birthdays this February baby has ever had in his 53 (gasp!) years. And while we still have a few hours left to go, so far it’s pretty close to perfection.

The plan was for him to have a Mario Kart marathon with Hudi, Zeb, Bri and Lauren, but that plan changed very quickly when we woke up to gloriously sunny skies and warm air. It was 45 degrees when he and I hit the slopes after a few cups of coffee (and a wee bit of work)!

Swain today was a complete gift. We are so fortunate to have a place to play during this depressingly snowless winter. The slopes were powdery, there were lots of IMG_20160207_171335167people around, but it wasn’t obnoxiously crowded, and smiles were abundant. Happy sigh.

After a few hours we went home to a house where the Grateful Dead was playing, and the dog had already been walked. We ordered a Highlander pizza and a Veggie pizza then Chris and the kiddos took up the controllers. I happily listen to them as they play.

We sure miss CJ, but we know he’s super happy out on the slopes in Utah.

Want to know something crazy about this year? In a few months, I will have been part of Chris’ world for half of his life. That’s pretty pivotal, and I’m really happy he has let me be part of his journey.

Happy Birthday, Chris. I love you!

Super Saturday on the Slopes

Pat and Lauren at the beginning of the day.

It was Winter Carnival Day at Swain, and the conditions couldn’t have been better. Kids were doing egg hunts in the snow, there was a goofy costume parade down the slopes, a pie eating contest, and downhill dummy races. So fun!!!
But even better than that was the time spent with friends. It was the first time Lauren was off the basic slopes, and she did a really fantastic job working her way up to black diamonds.

Lauren on Clark

Lauren on Last Will