Beach Accessibility

I love that our local beach invested in making it easier for people who can’t walk so easily in sand to be able to dip their toes in the water. There is also a spot for people in wheelchairs. I also love how it protects the dunes.


Back to the Bergs

April 11, 2019 I thought I missed them – my winter icebergs that I love. You can see them in full size on my post from a couple of years ago. And I was really sad. Then realized I had no right to feel sad. My reason for not getting to the beach to see […]

Nature winter

Preparing for Winter

This post is for my friends who live in warmer environments. The image featured is of something we see a lot here in the north. It’s usually metal rods along highways, but this particular picture is a bunch of wood posts at our local beach. Know what it is? It’s a row of markers along […]

Family Nature Walk

Of Wind and Water

Disclaimer: You might want to mute the video before you start it — or perhaps, like me, you love the sound of wind (even if it’s slightly magnified by an iPhone microphone). The wind was so loud that day, Chris and I couldn’t hear each other talk as we walked into the wind. That was […]

Family Summer


I know today is Friday, but it feels like it should be last Friday. This was one of the fastest weeks of my lifetime! It was a week of amazing family-ness. We traveled from our Massachusetts home on Thursday last week so we could be there when CJ and Lauren came to stay. They were […]