Back to the Bergs

April 11, 2019

I thought I missed them – my winter icebergs that I love. You can see them in full size on my post from a couple of years ago. And I was really sad. Then realized I had no right to feel sad. My reason for not getting to the beach to see the icebergs was because I was too busy playing on the slopes in the east. But nature had a gift for me. The last day on the slopes was April 7, and on the 11th I headed to the beach and got this visual treat:

Winter melt-off at Southwick
Winter melt-off at Southwick
Icebergs at Southwick
Icebergs at Southwick

And it wasn’t a moment too soon — the party was breaking up.

April 12

Icebergs at Southwick Breaking Up
Icebergs at Southwick Breaking Up
Breaking Bergs in Black and White
Breaking Bergs in Black and White

April 16

And then they were gone.

No more winter icebergs at Southwick Beach
No More Icebergs


I had two super treats to wrap the day on the trip where we encountered the end of the bergs for the year.

  1. Look how nature took the love I feel for my man and celebrated it with a heart over his head at one of my favorite spots:
Heart over Chris' head
Heart in the sky

You can see it a bit better in this pic, but Chris looks a bit goofy. Can’t have it all, I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰

Heart in the Sky
Heart in the Sky

and my other treat –

2. One of my favorite things in life is taking a walk when the birds are tucking in for the night. I love the sounds of nature at dusk. Just take a listen and relax with me.

Preparing for Winter

Posts at the beach placed in preparation for winter.
Posts at the beach placed in preparation for winter.

This post is for my friends who live in warmer environments. The image featured is of something we see a lot here in the north. It’s usually metal rods along highways, but this particular picture is a bunch of wood posts at our local beach. Know what it is?

It’s a row of markers along a road so the snowplows know where to drive. I’m kind of super excited to see that the markers are now lining a path to the main parking lot at our beach instead of just to the ticket booth. That’s quite a bit further when one is hiking in deep snow and will make walking to the water a whole lot easier this winter.

To put things in perspective, I’m 5 foot 2 inches tall. Think they are getting ready for a lot of snow? ๐Ÿ˜‰

One can only hope…

Of Wind and Water

Wind at Southwick State Park Beach

Disclaimer: You might want to mute the video before you start it — or perhaps, like me, you love the sound of wind (even if it’s slightly magnified by an iPhone microphone).

The wind was so loud that day, Chris and I couldn’t hear each other talk as we walked into the wind. That was some tough walking, haha.

Walking back to the car, I think I could have flown. So fun.

Wind at Southwick

A wonderful poem by Amy Lowell.

The Wind

He shouts in the sails of the ships at sea,
He steals the down from the honeybee,
He makes the forest trees rustle and sing,
He twirls my kite till it breaks its string.
Laughing, dancing, sunny wind,
Whistling, howling, rainy wind,
North, South, East and West,
Each is the wind I like the best.
He calls up the fog and hides the hills,
He whirls the wings of the great windmills,
The weathercocks love him and turn to discover
His whereabouts — but he’s gone, the rover!
Laughing, dancing, sunny wind,
Whistling, howling, rainy wind,
North, South, East and West,
Each is the wind I like the best.

The pine trees toss him their cones with glee,
The flowers bend low in courtesy,
Each wave flings up a shower of pearls,
The flag in front of the school unfurls.
Laughing, dancing, sunny wind,
Whistling, howling, rainy wind,
North, South, East and West,
Each is the wind I like the best.

More of Amy Lowell’s poetry can be found in Google Books.


I know today is Friday, but it feels like it should be last Friday. This was one of the fastest weeks of my lifetime! It was a week of amazing family-ness.

We traveled from our Massachusetts home on Thursday last week so we could be there when CJ and Lauren came to stay. They were coming from Utah to Buffalo then driving to us so CJ could participate in a wedding 18 minutes from our northern NY home. Yay for us!!! On the way from Mass. to NY, we popped in on my aunt and uncle and one of their daughters for lunch and a yak.

Hannah, Kevin and Linda

Yeah, they look young because they are. Linda, my aunt, is a month younger than me. My family is funky like that. My dad is his own cousin, but that’s a story for another time… ๐Ÿ˜‰ It always cracks me up, though. Linda and Kevin are CJ’s godparents and he calls Hannah, Cassie and Emily his god-sisters. Love that!

We got home a few hrs. before CJ and Lauren. Mom was at camp with relatives, and Hudi and Mollie had come to pick up Star and take her to their home so the house was strangely quiet.

Before the trip, we understood that the wedding was the main event, and we couldn’t expect much time with the kiddos. It was okay. We remember being young like that. So much to do!!! And we get to spend lots of time with them when we travel west. CJ and Lauren showed up around 11 pm, and we yakked until 3:30am. Thank goodness I was afk and well-rested!!!

The next day we got up and headed to camp to see family and the children’s end-of-week program at camp. Lauren met my nephews and their wives and kids for the first time there. I love those grown-up kiddos so much. We don’t see them often, but their parents raised them right. My nephews are the best, and their spouses only make them better.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will admit that one of my favorite parts of our time together was being able to play with play-dough with kids again. Kids are so smart. I wish you could see how amazing my little relative is!!! (What do you call the child of a nephew? A great niece?) She is 2.5 and knows a ton of animals — even a playdough octopus. Little Christoper (just over one) was napping at this point, but maybe next year he can join.


We left camp in time for CJ to get to his rehearsal dinner and bachelor party with his friends. At home we had the rare treat of spending solo time with our daughter-in-law. After a few games of Chaos, I got to splay Scrabble with her. Nobody plays that with me live (although I’m thankful for my Words With Friends buddies) so it was a super treat ๐Ÿ™‚ We topped off the night by finding a perfect dress for Lauren to wear. My sister-in-law, Heidi, has impeccable taste and had given me a dress for her son’s wedding, and it fit Lauren perfectly. Along with a scarf we had from our time in Lisbon and some jewelry my mom had given me.

Is it just me, or is there something super special about an outfit pulled together from random threads of happy memories?

The next morning the kids slept in. According to CJ the wedding was at 4 pm, although he had to be there by 1 pm to get ready. So we had a leisurely morning. They slept in, and I had an excuse to make Norwegian pancakes (I really miss that. There is nobody left to make them for — so sad). It was delightful.

CJ left and Lauren and I got ready for some serious girl time. We were gonna do the makeup and nails — things moms and daughters do, but moms of sons rarely do. Both of us were quite excited about it. Then we got a call from CJ informing us the wedding was at 2, not 4. ACK!!!!!!! Poor Lauren had a literal 20 minutes to get ready. Thank goodness she is naturally gorgeous. She did some of the final makeup touch-ups in the car, but look how amazing she was, even before that:

Lauren getting ready for a wedding.
Lauren getting ready for a wedding.

Sunday was our time with CJ and Lauren. The young adult kids got in quite late so they slept in again, and we headed to the beach. Lauren is a country girl and is not very used to sand on beaches. We had a small picnic and some swim time. She and Chris have artistic eyes, so they were scavenging for cool driftwood and other natural wonders.

Chris and I were determined to get an ice cream at least once this season. We decided this was the time to do it so it wouldn’t get too late in the season. Southwick Beach has some of the best ice cream around. It comes with happy memories of camping with our kids and friends. Here is a pic of Hudi from 2011:

Hudi in 2011 – pic taken by Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson

It’s still the same:

This is a SMALL cone!!!!

Thank goodness we did that! While we enjoyed the ice cream on Sunday, on Monday we were informed the season was over. Whew! In just under the wire! Let this be a lesson. Always grab the opportunity while it’s in front of you.

Sunday - Enjoying the ice cream
Sunday – Enjoying the ice cream

Monday – party is over

We topped off the day with games with Grandma, who returned from camp. She is truly the Chaos queen.

Mom Pollock and grandkids

The kiddos left around 6 am Monday morning to go visit Lauren’s relatives. And Chris and I went back to work. In all honesty the week and a half AFK made me ready for work. I kind of missed talking with people about WordPress. It was a good work-week. Then before I knew it, it was my “weekend” (Thursdays and Fridays).

We were feeling good, and the magnet of knowing our progeny were in close proximity pulled hard enough we couldn’t ignore it. In short, we crashed their party. CJ and Lauren were going to spend time with Hudi and Mollie in Rochester before heading back Buffalo to fly back to Utah, and we couldn’t stay away from them all, knowing they were only two hrs away. Fortunately for us, they were okay with it, and we all gathered for pizza and chicken wings and bonding time. It was fun seeing Star thriving in Rochester for a bit. And dang it, I love these people! We missed Zeb, but understood work and life circumstances kept him in Utah. He was in our hearts and in our text messaging, though.

Sadly, yet beautifully, the week ended. We left so the kids could spend time together without parents invading, and in the wee hrs, CJ and Lauren headed home to Utah. Thanks to text messaging, we know they made it safely to their abode.

Today Chris and I hit the beach for relaxation time. And the beach we love so much due to fond memories of camping, winter hikes, etc., is now all the more enhanced with memories from the visit this week. Life is so amazing.