Zeb and Bri Visit

A highlight of this sabbatical included a short trip from two of our kids. Zeb and Bri few in from Utah for a visit east before our grandson is born.

The night was beautiful and had the nicest warm wind. We didn’t realize the renovations at the Albany airport had come so far, and we were led directly in from the highway. Super sweet, and it put us there well ahead of time so we had time to see other planes take off and land. It was fun watching their plane fly overhead.

Our kiddos fly over our heads.

Although we have had our place in Massachusetts for a few years, none of our kids have seen it. Usually we are in NY when they visit. Zeb and Bri wanted to see it, and we were excited to show them our beautiful slopes.

The plan was to get to our place around 11 pm, enjoy a full day with them the next day then leave Sunday afternoon for a trip to New York so they could spend time with Mom Pollock before flying out to visit Bri’s mom then heading back to their home.

Believe it or not, the entire week went as planned. When does that ever happen?!?!

We yakked until about two am and slept in until 9-ish the next morning. I made Norwegian pancakes (with almond milk instead of regular and with slightly reduced sugar) at their request. We topped the pancakes with the berries I had picked earlier this year, and we yakked a bunch more. Finally we ventured outdoors for a tour of our little ski village.

We rode the chair lift
I got to see lots of beautiful smiles
Utah isn’t as green, and the kids were thrilled to see our lush ferns.
Their appreciation of the ferns made me more appreciative of them, too.
I showed off our slopes, and Bri was a trooper hiking the trails. It was a hot day.
Zeb analyzed the flora and fauna of the area. Bri commented that he was in his element ๐Ÿ™‚
The scenery is not bad at all at the top of one of our favorite runs.
How can simple white flowers be so pretty?
My first time riding a chairlift down. Usually I’m snowboarding down the hill.
Windmills on the hills.
Can you believe I’ve never been inside this summit lodge? Maybe this year…
A lovely view of the Berkshires
I really enjoyed sharing our world with Zeb and Bri.

After the chair lift ride, we went to relax for a bit by and in the pool. It was very refreshing.

Our friend Mark joined us. He had never met Bri before and hadn’t seen Zeb in about a decade. Zeb changed a lot since then. Haha
Zeb and Bri are in the kiddie pool (the circle pool on the left — two feet deep). I loved seeing them enjoying each other’s company so much.

Since Bri is pregnant, she couldn’t have alcohol, but that didn’t stop us from whipping up virgin Bloody Mary’s. (same recipe — just no alcohol). The last time we had those together was at Zeb and Bri’s amazing desert wedding last year.

Bri drinking a virgin Bloody Mary

After an evening of even more conversation, we rested. Sunday morning found us driving to Balance Rock, which is very cool to see every time we drive there.

Bri checking out Balance Rock
Sitting by the rock is nice, too.
Happy father and son

Both Zeb and Bri are huge animal lovers. I had told them about Charlie, the Burmese Mountain dog who is often at our Country Store. They got to meet the three-year-old pup, and all were happy about that!

Zeb and Bri meet Charlie the dog.

We had a lovely lunch with Nancy and Dennis (my sister and brother-in-law). We were having so much fun, I sadly forgot to take a photo. Nancy made the most incredible edamame salad. I need to get the recipe sometime. After lunch we headed to New York and made it in time to see the sunset at our beloved Southwick State Park beach.

The beach has been greatly renovated, and this was the first time they got to see the new walk over the dunes.

Zeb and Bri test the new walkway to the beach
Family photo ๐Ÿ™‚

That evening was spent with Mom — again, yakking until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

Doesn’t Bri look great? And this is after all her traveling!
Sharing pictures and links with Mom Pollock
It was a really great time for all.

The entire visit was such a treat. Definitely a highlight of the last few months. I can’t wait to see them again in a month or so — when we head to Utah to meet our grandson. <3

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  1. Awwww, so great to see the pictures. It is always amazing to spend time catching up with our grown children. I am so happy you all were able to spend time together! <3

    • Thanks. And you are so right about the amazingness of time with our grown children. What a gift.

  2. Finally reading this. Iโ€™m so glad they came for a visit. The pictures and the smiles are awesome.

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