Creating a Natural Habitat in your Backyard

Love, love, love this post from @seriouslyseekinganswers so I wanted to share it with you all. Great ideas and wonderful images. The squirrel mention reminded me of a favorite YouTube video I have watched several times this year. It’s 21 minutes-long but so worth it because it’s funny, interesting, and amazing. I’ll post that video below the reblog.

Several members of our church congregation have t-shirts with the following slogan: “God’s work, our hands.” I like to think of the habitat-building work my husband and I have done in our backyard as an example of this philosophy in action. I adore the wildlife that shares our backyard space. Pete and I have done […]

God’s other book: Backyard friends — Seriously Seeking Answers

Squirrel Amazing-ness from YouTube

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