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A couple of years ago, I went to a few sessions of therapy when I slipped a disc in my back. It helped so much that when I feel my back starting to go again, I do the exercises, and so far — so good ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I am going to Greylock Physical Therapy twice a week to work out the disaster my upper left quadrant has become, and I’m super impressed.

Amanda is there to greet anyone show comes through the doorway. Always laughing and smiling, she has the brightest disposition of anyone I have ever met. One can’t help but feel uplifted around her. As I wait for my turn, I relax and enjoy the beautiful flowers and garden art outside.

beautiful flowers outside the doorway

The room where I do the exercises is pleasant, with wonderful quotes scattered all around the place. It’s visually appealing — from windows looking out on grass and trees, to nice art and even a lava lamp. Repetitive exercises get so old, but looking at colors changing on a lamp diverts monotony.

Quotes posted on the wall
These quotes are in the waiting area, but there are also quotes randomly placed in the main therapy room.

First I spend 15-30 minutes with a therapist who manipulates my bones while I turn however they tell me to. While painful, it also reduces a lot of pain. Does that make sense? It’s like getting a massage on super tight muscles.

While I know I shouldn’t judge by appearances, I can’t help but be impressed with the therapists and other workers. Everyone is quite stylish and looks like they practice what they preach. Toned bodies and healthy complexions — good role models.

The room is filled with a healthy vibe. Other patients join the therapists in conversations, jokes and laughter while we are getting put through the paces. There is a lot of encouragement going on as all fight the battles of our bodies holding us back.

I spend the next 15-30 minutes exercising under watchful eyes. I appreciate how they push me, but make sure I’m not going beyond my limits. Sarah and Lisa, the therapists, also explain exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing and tell me the science behind the difficulties I encounter. Jacob and Heather demonstrate exercises and follow-up as Sarah and Lisa help others.

My favorite sessions are ones where animals show up. One time a person came in with a kitten. Another time, a golden retriever visited. So fun!

Best of all, it’s working. I can now turn my head to the left AND right. And I am able to do a few hrs on the computer again so my sabbatical dream of getting better at Python is now once again on the table.

Today’s great news is that I can now use 2 and 3 lb weights for exercising. In addition to that, my territories broaden. Now I have permission to participate in workouts that are not the strict stretch routine I have been doing. Hope! Such a great thing.

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