My First Contributor’s Day

IMG_20151030_120931811While I’ve been to numerous WordCamps, I’ve never been to a contributor’s day before. It’s pretty wild seeing people group themselves by strength and interest, dedicating a day to make WordPress stronger and better. Nothing like seeing the community in action. My group? Lesson plans. We are working on creating, testing, and fine-tuning lessons for meetup organizers and educators. Love it!

Could you, too, Become a WordCamp Groupie? (Join Me)

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A year ago I had never even heard of WordCamp. Now, as soon as one is finished I’m looking for the next in my area. And I’m not the only one. I’m starting to recognize WordPress friends every camp I go to, and have even started adjusted our traveling plans so we can hang out with other WordPress fans after conference hours.

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First Local Meetup for the Southern Tier

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It’s officially a “thing.” 🙂 Tonight was our very first NY Southern Tier WordPress Users/Bloggers Meetup…and IMHO, it was really fun.

Chris (my husband) and I were the meetup organizers and thought maybe one person might show up. While making blogs and websites is totally cool and awesome, we know people are super busy.  But there were SIX who weren’t family 🙂 And five more mentioned they wanted to come but had scheduling conflicts.

So what was it about, and what did we do? We learned about WordPress! There were several writers wanting to get their blogs going. There were some who wanted to document adventures and learn about affiliate marketing, and there were some who wanted to learn more about the community of blogging.

The local meetups and WordCamps I have attended have a lot of users. I was surprised by the fact that everyone who came wanted a site.

While devices were not mandatory (we had public computers to use), everyone brought something. Some came without a computer, using just the app. Quite frankly, I was impressed and not-a-little-geekily-excited by that. Might be because a main part of my job is providing tech support for the WordPress app 🙂

Our many thanks to the local library for letting us use their meeting space. This is a great new adventure. I’m already looking forward to our May 20 meeting.