Taking the Mystery out of Packing Boxes

My DSC-W170 digital camera
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This week my kids, my husband and I are helping my in-laws sort and organize. Since they are avid thrift shop/yard-salers, we have all sorts of treasures to filter and stash.
The Problem: How do we pack things away so my in-laws can easily find what they need when we aren’t around?
The Solution: A digital camera and a printer.
All we have to do is photograph everything we are packing in a box. Next, we print the image and pack the box. When we label the box, we add the image so they can see it clearly (add clear packing tape over it to keep the image safe from water damage).
I realize this will come in handy in our own household, too. What a great way to store school projects from years past, Christmas paraphernalia, favorite books and other treasures.
Wala! Packing – digital style.

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  1. What a great tip! I can see myself adding a label with a fancy font to the photo.

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