A Podcast to Inspire Family Tech Chat

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If you’ve got teens or tweens who want to keep their fingers on the pulse of technology, check out the podcast 350 Third. Hear an analysis of new products on the market and get a glimpse at trends coming to the forefront from technology geniuses Scott Barstow who runs Rocket Hangar and Anders Brownworth, head of research and development at Bandwidth.com.

Are Cell Phones The New Cigarette?

This is one intriguing question Barstow and Brownworth address in detail during Episode #7. Other issues addressed are the use of drones in reaching third world cultures with medications and tablet rentals.

Get the Family Talking

My favorite part of 350 Third is that it respects me as a non-official techie. These guys really know their stuff, but they talk about technology using verbiage my teens and I all understand. Each episode opens with current technology news then focuses in on topics of special interest. Links on the 350 Third site offer information and sources that expand on our family’s education. When we’re all done listening, we all start talking – and dreaming of what we can do.

You can subscribe to the 350 Third podcast for free on iTunes. The weekly episodes are easy to fit into busy schedules since they each run less than an hour.

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