Car Trouble – It's Okay. I have my iTouch

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Disaster struck this summer while my boys and I were away at camp. My husband, who stayed home to work, became very ill. Off I went to the rescue with fluids and fever-reducers tucked safely into my trusty steed (aka, our stunning electric-blue new-to-us “hope we make it through the summer” mini-van).
Two hours into the three-hour trip my steed faltered. Actually, it decided to travel no more that day. But it was kind enough to limp into a hotel parking lot for recovery. (Thank you, Hampton Inn in Geneva, for letting us store our car in your lot). I am fortunate enough to have one of those husbands who can fix anything. I knew that if he were there, he could fix it in a heartbeat. However, I am not my husband, and I didn’t have a clue. My husband was too sick to help with anything. While I was waiting for a friend to pick me up, I grabbed my iPod touch and filmed the damage.
Since I was recording, I could clearly describe what I was seeing and smelling at the moment (it smelled VERY hot) and a belt was clearly frayed. A few days later, my husband recovered enough to travel back to camp with me. Thanks to the video, he knew what the problem was and which part we needed to purchase to replace the old. He had it fixed in less that half an hour.
Here’s the Car Engine Video from last summer – it’s kind of boring, but it shows you how I did the recording. Please kindly keep in mind that I recorded it for information purposes only. If I had thought I would use it in a blog I would have tried to sound more vibrant (:

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  1. I have two pix of my house from both the North and South angles which I send along with texts that contain directions there. My place is pretty “non-descript” so having an actual picture of it for the person who’s trying to find me is a considerable help!

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