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Learning is fun. I firmly believe it, and it’s one of the messages I really want to get across to my kids. One way to do that is by using the Internet as a resource for interactive learning. But I am so tired of looking for free curriculum for homeschooling, finding the perfect site, then finding out that I can get more that two “free” items from this site “dedicated to learning,”just “for the price of…”. You know what I’m saying? Then I learned about PBS LearningMedia™.
PBS LearningMedia™ For Educators – Including Homeschool Families
We homeschooling parents are recognized as educators at last! Last Friday Rob Lippincott, PBS Senior Vice President for Education, kindly took the time to walk me through the free PBS LearningMedia™ website offerings. I was thrilled to see all the educational resources aligned to state curriculum.
However, I think the best part of the virtual tour was when I asked, “How can I access this site?” Lippincott responded by reminding me that as a homeschooler, I was a teacher. I could sign up like any other educator. Wow.
From Glaciers to Geometry
Once you log into the site, you can access interactive materials in a variety of subjects. Choose by grade level and by language. The PBS site offers materials in English, Spanish and Navajo. Your child can watch video clips, read interesting information, and manipulate interactive materials on specified subjects.
Currently, the website offers over 14,000 media assets, and it’s only getting bigger. They use local PBS stations as a point-of-delivery and hope to broaden their offerings by eventually offering educational apps. One of my favorite features on the site is the ability to make a list of favorite assets.
PBS has grand plans for this site, and it’s actively working with educators to make it better. Give it a try, and offer your input. Let’s all work together to make learning as fun as possible for our kids.

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