10,000 Miles Since June

On our latest trip, my husband noted we have driven almost 10,000 miles since June, and we’re still going! (And that doesn’t even include flights.) I think I am taking my job as an employee working for a distributed company very seriously.

When people hear what my family is up to, we often get raised eyebrows. How can people who travel so much have legit jobs? That’s easy when the kids homeschool, one spouse is an artist, the other works for WordPress.

One of the best parts of working for WordPress is the freedom to set my own schedule. I don’t clock in or out, and can take life as it comes without too much stress. At first I didn’t understand how a company could work like this, but I think I get it now.

The work environment is so great that it’s actually hard to stop working. For the most part, we are left to choose what tasks we wish to accomplish in our own timeframe. As we work, we chat casually or help each other research and replicate issues using Slack. I often find myself sneaking into work on my days off just to say “hi” to my co-workers or to see if there’s an area I can help out in. It’s way too fun. (Sound good? We’re hiring.)

My Verizon Mi-Fi is one of the best gadgets that has ever entered my life. It has saved me when my local cable goes out and has given me complete freedom to travel.

Here are some of the places I have worked over the past few months:



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  1. Love seeing the mobility of this job! I chuckled at Chrissie working while sitting in a tractor! Now that is pretty awesome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I’m so glad your 10,000 miles included us. It’s marvelous that you love your job and that it gives you great freedom to move about the world. Believe me, a Chrissie/Chris visit is a great boost for living.

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