Rings and Things

IMG_20151016_131333857About 16 years ago, my husband got a tattoo. It was a wedding ring, and I love it. He often works with heavy equipment and didn’t want his ring to catch in a machine, causing him to lose a finger. Good idea.

While I love my own wedding and engagement IMG_20151016_132714417rings, I don’t totally love the feel of anything on my fingers. I also don’t like appearing single when I am very happily married.

For years I jokingly said that when they came out with a tattoo with bling, I’d get a tattoo done as well. I hear that exists now, but it’s kind of an implant thing. Not really my style.



IMG_20151016_124157334About a decade ago, I wanted to surprise my husband by getting a wedding ring tattoo as well. My dad decided to join the
adventure so he and I hit a few tattoo parlors while I was visiting my parents on Long Island. None of them would tattoo fingers. How crazy is that?

The thought was pushed to the back of my mind for  years, then this year, when we had our Grand Meetup (a week when all Automatticians get together for fun and learning and bonding), I joined a fantastic group activity – tattooing at the Cathedral Tattoo Company!


Along with ten or so co-workers, I headed into Salt Lake City to finally get my ring. Chris drew the design to match his own, and I got to have it done surrounded by friends. What a postive experience. And now I match my man 🙂



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