By Jiminy, Life in Massachusetts!

It’s still okay to dream when one is in your 40s or 50s right? Chris and I have been dreaming of having a snowboard condo, preferably near our kiddos in Utah. As we researched and dreamed, we realized that Utah wasn’t ideal for our situation, but thanks to computer cookies, we started getting ads for places a bit more local, and found ourselves looking seriously at Jiminy Peak — a medium-size resort in the Berkshires, near where Chris grew up.

This seemed kinda ideal because:

  • While our home has tons of snow, there are no “real” hills. We have to travel 90 minutes each way to get to a decent slope.
  • It’s close to a bunch of family and friends.
  • It’s within an hour of the gallery where Chris had shows in the past.
  • It’s right smack in the art corridor so we are surrounded by music, artists and museums when we visit.
  • We walk about 500 feet out the door to get to a ski lift.
  • Summers are super quiet (even though there’s still lots of fun stuff if we want to do it).
  • It has a bed for Mom and is closer to my sisters-in-law, which is nice for her visiting.
  • It has a year-round heated pool 🙂 and coffee in the lobby in the mornings and evenings.
  • It’s only 3.5 hrs from our main home so it’s easy to take quick trips there.
  • A hundred other reasons

Last spring, we visited the place as guests, testing the waters, and next thing you know, we were signing some papers. Now we have a very humble condo (really, a small hotel suite) at the base of some beautiful hills.

I’m certain I’ll be writing posts referring to the area, so I wanted to let you all know the story behind it. Maybe I’ll even make my next bunch of posts highlights of what I love about it. There’s an idea…

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