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My Favorite Flower

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Visual Treats from Nature

This is one of my all-time favorite pics I have taken so far at Jiminy Peak. It was taken last season, and each time I have viewed it over the year, I feel peace seep through my soul. And my lungs feel clearer.

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Mountains in the Mist

Spring warmth was teasing the leaves out into the open, and after days of rain we were ready for some fresh air. It was the first Saturday in a very long time I didn’t have to work, and we had a friend nearby ready to hang out. We decided to hike in our backyard rather […]

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Enjoying the Slopes with my Aunt and Cousin

Warmer weather hit the Berkshires and Chris and I were ready to really enjoy our “weekend” days (Thursday and Friday). Added to the fun, today I got to share the experience with my aunt who also loves snow and mountains. I think a lot of you already follow her, and if not, you should check out h

Jiminy Peak snowboarding winter

Starting my Year off Right – On the Slopes Again

According to my Ski Tracks app, January 16 marked my 13th day on the slopes this season. Thank you Jiminy Peak!…We had a feeling we wouldn’t regret getting a place at Jiminy Peak, but we also didn’t realize how great it would actually be.

Family Jiminy Peak winter

A Diverse December

December is a funky month, full of highs and lows. Perhaps for everyone, and certainly for Chris and me. And this year it seemed particularly diverse in emotions. In December I: Celebrated exciting life milestones. Mourned for people no longer breathing in our earthly sphere. Re-learned lessons I should have known and came pretty close […]

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Porch Work

One of my favorite things to do in Massachusetts is to walk from my place down to the main lobby, grab a cup of coffee, and head out to the front porch for an hour or two of work. Since I work from home, it can get quite isolating. When I’m on the porch, people […]

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By Jiminy, Life in Massachusetts!

It’s still okay to dream when one is in your 40s or 50s right? Chris and I have been dreaming of having a snowboard condo, preferably near our kiddos in Utah. As we researched and dreamed, we realized that Utah wasn’t ideal for our situation, but thanks to computer cookies, we started getting ads for […]