Snowstorm Fun 2023

The east coast (ice coast). Powder. Those words don’t usually go together, but this week we got it πŸ™‚ A snowboarder’s dream. Can you imagine how our hearts were beating with excitement when we heard the storm was stuck over our location? Yup. That happened. 36 inches to be exact (25.4 mm).

Our electric supply company sent a “thank you” email with the storm stats:

But really — how can anything in life be wrong when you wake up to this?!?!

We knew it was going to be wet and heavy and a loss of electricity might happen during Tuesday’s snowstorm. It did. Not to worry. I learned last summer that our place had a generator in the main part of the building, which kept the fire literally burning, and also provided wifi so I could still work.

My friend has a place close to that part of the building so I started the day co-working with her. Then it got a bit nippy so we headed to the lobby to work by the fireplace. Other people gathered there for the warmth as well, and the vibe was great as people played games, yakked and worked in the warm room with the snow falling outside. Felt like we were in a holiday movie.

The slopes were closed since the lifts couldn’t run, but people were hoofing it up the slopes for a powder ride. I was working so enjoyed vicariously. While we had wifi, there was no power so I did all I could to make my computer battery last. I made it through the work day with about 13% battery to spare πŸ™‚

By evening, the snow was still falling, and the lights were still out. My friend’s husband drove in from the Albany area to bring heavy duty chargers so our computers could be ready for work the next day. That was so thoughtful, and I appreciated their sharing the charging options.

Soon it started getting crowded by the fire so we bundled in layers back in the room and played games.

The hallway to our place lit by glowsticks.
Kiss or hug the person next to you.

Diane brought her own Uno deck, and I have to admit I liked their random wild card. The image is blurry, but it says: Kiss or hug the person next to you. We also played Chaos. Our friend is a good sport.

It was all just magical. Enough inconvenience to make it a story, but nothing devastating. We didn’t get to hit the hot tub in the snow as planned (since the electricity was out), but we were warm and safe. I appreciated how they put out glow sticks to guide us through the building.

One of my favorite parts of where I live is how there is such a love of snow. And family connection is big here. My friends were building snowpeople. Outside our window (in the days surrounding the storm) we saw families sledding and snowshoeing and building igloos. It’s all so happy! I love it.

I texted to my aunt and she commented that she noticed I sent her screenshots. That really made me laugh. πŸ˜€

The next day I actually got to play. Diane and I went out together for some amazing runs. I swear on one of them I felt like I was on a moving walkway in an airport, drifting on a cloud. It was wild.

As we wrapped up the day I glided through the deep snow and had to immerse myself in the elements. A move of total appreciation.

8 responses to “Snowstorm Fun 2023”

  1. It sounds like my kind of winter dream!!! Let’s plan it sometime that I can get stuck with you πŸ˜„

  2. Was thinking of you as I watched the depth rise. Elk Mt. PA snow-wind-rain. We stayed in MD, wind & cold. Crazy tides. Lots of boarders in this family also. G son & wife, Windsor ct, have been going up to Okemo. And now, the end is near, Daffodils prevail.

    • I hear Okemo has had some incredible conditions. Nice! I will appreciate the daffodils soon, but for now will cling to my white. As long as I can…. I hadn’t thought of the tides. Wild.

    • It’s such an addiction, and I know (and respect) that not all share. But it’s super fun when I know some readers are also snow enthusiasts.

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