100 Days Slope Celebration

It’s always fun when a ski/snowboard resort announces their 100th day of operations. Some resorts used to offer $1 lift tickets on the 100th day. I took advantage of that to try the slopes the first time I ever landed on a board. With inflation, it’s often $10 — still amazing.

Our place doesn’t have that deal , but there is still fun and celebration. Today I got off the lift and saw this:

That 101 in the upper left cracked me up. My guess is they were one of the people that hoofed it up last week when the lifts were not running.

According to my app I use for just this sort of purpose, today was day 42 for me. (I’m the 42 above the word “how”). Don’t judge my handwriting. I was wearing gloves with wrist guards built in and maneuvering the marker was not easy (nice excuse for poor penmanship, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I will admit the 42 on the upper right was a lot more classy.

Anyway, it’s fun to celebrate stuff. Including the fact that I was proud of myself for actually not running over and knocking down the sign when I got off the lift. Yeah I can do black diamonds, but getting off a lift is still a bit tricky for me. lol. Going for the small wins. I’ll take ’em ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s really cool is that I am actually on day 42. I mean, if you have been reading along, this year was ROUGH! Late starts, sparse snow in the east initially, health issues all December… The world certainly brought it on. But I fought for quality over quantity and ended up blessed with both. I did 40 days last year and 41 the year prior. So this year wins after all that ๐Ÿ™‚

And it’s still not over!

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  1. Congratulations 42!! I have a fondness for 42 because it was my birth year. I love your celebration of snow and snow boarding. Way to go!!

  2. 42 is a good number, indeed. I hope to hit at least 46 this year. Maybe a bit more. We’ll see.

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